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Kinnear family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Kinnear
Our database contains 42 records of marriages of the family Kinnear, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1839James GradyMary-Fraser KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1842James KinnearHarriet WilsonSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1850Alexander KinnearSusan BaileyIreland, Qc
1857Thomas CromwellElizabeth-Jane KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1867John KinnearSusan-Margaret BaileySaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1872William KinnearTannsin-Jane DonaldsonSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1872James BaileyAnn KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1873Samuel Mc-BurneyIsabella KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1873Edward BrackenMary KinnearIreland, Qc
1874William ThompsonMaria KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1876James KinnearEuphemia MartinLotbiniere, Qc
1882John-Wright MooneyAgnes-Swinton KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1886Andrew-Brown SomervilleAnnie KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1888David WilsonEmma KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1890Samuel ElliottHarriet KinnearEaton, Qc
1892Arthur-Archie KinnearCaroline-Carrie MooreInverness, Qc
1893William WarcupMary-Ann KinnearSaint-Jacques-De-Leeds, Qc
1894David Mc-CulloughHarriet-Wilson KinnearInverness, Qc
1906William-Albert KinnearAlice-Isabell Mc-DonaldInverness, Qc
1909George KinnearCora-Eliza GolfCookshire, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Kinnear
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Kinnear
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Baptisms list
1833Ann KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1838Elizabeth-Jane KinnearFSaint-Adrien-d'Irlande, QC
1841Isabella KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1843John-Lambie-Marie-Louise KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1845Mary-Ellen-Ann-Marie-Louise KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1847William-Marie-Louise KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1848Harriet-Amelia-Marie-Louise KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1850James-Marie-Louise KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1851Ann KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1852Maria-Marie-Louise KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1854Ayton-Marie-Louise KinnearSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1854Caroline-Marie-Louise KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1855Ayton-Marie-Louise KinnearSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1856Mary KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1857George-Marie-Louise KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1858Jane KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1859Alexander-Marie-Louise KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1860Agnes-Swinton-Marie-Louise KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1861Isabella KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1862Albert-Marie-Louise KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Kinnear
Here are some examples of burials of the family Kinnear
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Burrials list
1860Alexander KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1860Jane KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1861Ayton KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1865Alexander KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1865Isabella KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1870Alexander KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1872Ayton KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1885Ayton KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1888Harrietannie KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1889Ethelmarion KinnearFInverness, QC
1896Albert KinnearMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1901Mary KinnearFKinnear's-Mills, QC
1901James KinnearMInverness, QC
1912Isabella KinnearFSawyerville, QC
1914Maryellenann KinnearFSaint-Adrien-d'Irlande, QC
1917Maryfraser KinnearFKinnear's-Mills, QC
1918Winnifredgraham KinnearFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1920Ann KinnearFSawyerville, QC
1920John-Lambie KinnearMInverness, QC
1922Harriet KinnearFKinnear's-Mills, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Kinnear

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Origin of name Kinnear

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Celebrities of the family Kinnear

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