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Keane family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Keane
Our database contains 43 records of marriages of the family Keane, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1832Napierville, QcPatrick FogartyMarguerite Keanne
1843Saint-Timothee, QcMarc Mc-ThightCatherine Keane
1845Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QcMichael KeaneBrigitte Hartford
1848New-Richmond, QcPeter BendwellCatherine Keane
1849Saint-Luc, QcBernard Cain-KeaneSophie Roy
1850Quebec, QcThomas FussellJulia Keane
1852Montreal, QcJoseph Belair-PlessisMary-Jane Kane
1852Montreal, QcThomas KeaneHelen Mcafee
1853Montreal, QcPatrick KeaneCatharine Connell
1854Rimouski, QcJulien-Jules TardifAnne Keane
1864Quebec, QcEdmund CrossleyMary Keane
1865Quebec, QcMichael McineryBridget Keane
1877Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QcJames KeaneJoanna Finley
1877Tracadie-Sheila, NbEdward BarryElisabeth-O Keane
1880Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QcDavid KeaneElisabeth Gilker
1882Montreal, QcJames-Richard MclaughlinKate Keane
1884Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QcWilbrod OlscampMarie Keane
1887Petit-Rocher, NbPatrick KeaneEllen Connell
1893Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QcPatrick DoyleFrances Keane
1900Lewiston, MeMicael KeaneHelen Kennedy
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Keane
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Keane
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Baptisms list
1846Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMarie KeaneF
1848Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCJohn-Christy KeaneM
1849Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMichael-Peter KeaneM
1851Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCDavid KeaneM
1852Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCJames KeaneM
1853Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMargaret KeaneF
1853Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCJames KeaneM
1854Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCBrigitte KeaneF
1860Port-Daniel, QCLawrence KeaneM
1862Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMargaret KeaneF
1865Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCCaroline-Ann KeaneF
1878Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMichel-Edouard KeaneM
1879Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCChristine KeaneF
1879Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCChristopher KeaneM
1881Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCJohn KeaneM
1881Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCElisabeth KeaneF
1881Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCJames-Albert KeaneM
1882Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCPatrick KeaneM
1883Saint-Alexis-de-Matapedia, QCMarguerite-Anne KeaneF
1884Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCBrigitte KeaneF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Keane
Here are some examples of burials of the family Keane
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Burrials list
1880Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCDavid KeaneM
1882Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCChristine KeaneF
1887Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMichael KeaneM
1896Matapedia, QCDaniel-Georges KeaneM
1898Matapedia, QCBrigitte KeaneF
1901Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCPatrick KeaneM
1907Port-Daniel, QCCatherine KeaneF
1908Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCFrances KeaneF
1908Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCChristine-Catherine KeaneF
1910Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCGeorges KeaneM
1918Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCElisabeth KeaneF
1918Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCChristopher KeaneM
1920Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMarie KeaneF
1931Matapedia, QCMargaret KeaneF
1936Montreal, QCAnonyme KeaneM
1939Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMarguerite KeaneF
1944Longueuil, QCMary Keane
1992Longueuil, QCMary-Bridget Keane
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Pioneer of the family Keane

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Origin of name Keane

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Celebrities of the family Keane

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