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Pioneer of the family Jones

John Jones was born around 1800, on the sea, on a ship from Ireland. He married Louise Lambert, daughter of Alexandre Lambert and Louise Cyr in 1844 in Percé, Gaspésie. From their union were born 8 children. In 1861, this fisherman live at Percé in a 1 floor wooden house. He can neither read nor write. The date of his death is unknown.
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Arthur Jones was born around 1838 in Ireland. Son of John Jones and Ethel-Esther Dunn, he married Elisabeth Berney, daughter of Maurice and Mary Corkoran, on June 11th 1861 in Montreal. At least eight children were born of that union. In 1854, he moves to Montreal with his parents. He’s a servant, a broom maker and a hotel keeper. He dies on November 13th 1908 and he is buried three days later in Montreal.
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Origin of name Jones

JONES – From Wales and England in the sixteenth century a patronymic name is used to identify someone (son of ...). For example: Pierre son of Mark. JONES comes from (...) son of John.
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Marriages of the family Jones
Our database contains 1526 records of marriages of the family Jones, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1700Thunder-Bay, OnGeorge GansHarriet Jones
1777Quebec, QcJohn JonesGrace Stelson
1783Quebec, QcDaniel GarretPhillis Jones
1784Quebec, QcWilliam MillerMary Jones
1785Quebec, QcJohn JonesMary Taylor
1786Quebec, QcJoseph JonesElisabeth Scott
1787Quebec, QcJohn StanleyGrace Jones
1787Quebec, QcThomas JonesMargaret Meyers
1790Quebec, QcBenjamin JohnstonPhebe Jones
1794Quebec, QcJohn JonesMargaret Harrison
1802Quebec, QcRichard-William JonesMargaret Stoney
1802Quebec, QcEdward JonesElizabeth Lewis
1803Quebec, QcJoseph JonesMary Harnibrook
1804Quebec, QcJames RossElizabeth-Vaughan Jones
1807Montreal, QcNarcisse CoudrayMary-Violette Jones
1807Quebec, QcJean-Baptiste Duchesnay-JuchereauEliza Jones
1808Quebec, QcCharles JonesJudith Austin
1811Quebec, QcJames WelshMary Jones
1811Quebec, QcThomas ClaridgeSarah Jones
1812Quebec, QcJoseph SealMargaret Jones
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Jones
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Jones
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Baptisms list
1784Saint-Eustache, QCCharlotte Jones
1821Paspebiac, QCElisabeth JonesF
1822Tracadie-Sheila, NBMarie JonesF
1823Hatley, QCJohn-Montgomery JonesM
1825Tracadie-Sheila, NBCatherine JonesF
1826Hatley, QCSophia-Jane JonesF
1826Tracadie-Sheila, NBIsabelle JonesF
1828Sherbrooke, QCDavid JonesM
1828Sherbrooke, QCJohn JonesM
1828Sherbrooke, QCCharles JonesM
1828Sherbrooke, QCDaniel JonesM
1828Sherbrooke, QCHenry JonesM
1828Sherbrooke, QCThomas JonesM
1828Sherbrooke, QCMargaret JonesF
1828Sherbrooke, QCCharles-Stuart JonesM
1828Sherbrooke, QCPalianna-Mathilda JonesF
1828Sherbrooke, QCSarah-Isabella JonesF
1828Tracadie-Sheila, NBEdouard JonesM
1829Sherbrooke, QCT.Chaffer JonesM
1830Paspebiac, QCJohn JonesM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Jones
Here are some examples of burials of the family Jones
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Burrials list
1828Ascot, QCSarah-Isabella JonesF
1832Ascot, QCIra JonesM
1835Rimouski, QCJoseph JonesM
1846Sainte-Luce, QCSara JonesF
1848Sainte-Luce, QCFerdinand JonesM
1848Stanstead, QCWarren-Wilbur JonesM
1848Sainte-Luce, QCThomas JonesM
1852Riviere-du-Loup, QCJane-Genevieve JonesF
1853Riviere-du-Loup, QCThomas JonesM
1855Sorel, QCWilliam JonesM
1855Hatley, QCSally JonesF
1855Hatley, QCLaurana JonesF
1858Hatley, QCBenjamin JonesM
1859Stanstead, QCAnne-Catherine JonesF
1862Hatley, QCJohn JonesM
1863Stanstead, QCMary JonesF
1865Waterville, QCSarah-Isabella JonesF
1865Sherbrooke, QCElisabeth JonesF
1866Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCJane-Marie JonesF
1866Lameque, NBCatherine JonesF
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Jones

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