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Pioneer of the family Irwin

Isaiah Irwin was born about 1841 in Ireland. He marries Jane J. Gainor before 1871 in Ireland. At least 6 children were born from their union, three in Ireland (at Cootehill, Cavan County) and three in Ontario. He is a farmer. In April 1891, he lives in Cartwright Township, Durham, Ontario. He dies after April 7th 1891 in Canada.
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Origin of name Irwin

IRWIN/ERWIN/IRVING/IREVINE/ERVIN - many variants from Scottish/English origins, name given to someone who lives from the parish of Irving (Eryvine), Dumfriesshire, or from Irvine, Strathclyde. Or, from the name 'Eoforwine' in Old English, meaning 'wild boar friend'.
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Marriages of the family Irwin
Our database contains 126 records of marriages of the family Irwin, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1815Quebec, QcWilliam GreenElizabeth Irwin
1829Drummondville, QcJohn IrwinElizabeth Graham
1832Sorel, QcPatrick IrwinHelene Gannan
1832Quebec, QcLawrence IrwinJohanna Finn
1834Shipton, QcAndrew IrwinBarbara Irwin
1834Shipton, QcAndrew IrwinBarbara Irwin
1835Saint-Jacques-De-Leeds, QcHugh WilsonElizabeth Irwing
1837Sainte-Foy, QcLouis Rinfret-MalouinEliza Irvine
1837Shipton, QcJohn IrwinAnn Croan
1837Shipton, QcJoseph AtkinsonElizabeth Irwin
1838Shipton, QcJerard IrwinHellen Smith
1838L'isle-Verte, QcWilliam IrwinMarie-Lucie Hamel
1840Quebec, QcJoseph KerrJamina Irwin
1841Richmond, OnJames IrwinJuliana Obryan
1843La-Prairie, QcDenis MinihanMarguerite Irwin
1844Barnston, QcSamuel IrwinJane Mcalister
1844Saint-Jacques-De-Leeds, QcJames KiddIsabella Irwin
1845Les-Cedres, QcNicolas IrwinSophie Giroux
1847Quebec, QcWilliam DonaldsonMarie Irwin
1847Wakefield, QcJames ShouldiceAnn Erwin
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Irwin
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Irwin
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Baptisms list
1826Megantic, QCChristopher-Steven IrwinM
1829Drummondville, QCBarbara-Ellen IrwinF
1835Sorel, QCMary-Anne IrwinF
1836Sorel, QCEdward IrwinM
1841Melbourne, QCAndrew IrwinM
1841Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCMargaret IrwinF
1843Melbourne, QCJames IrwinM
1843Melbourne, QCJames-Henry IrwinM
1843Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCElizabeth IrwinF
1845Melbourne, QCGerrard IrwinM
1848Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCHugh-Maxwell IrwinM
1850Melbourne, QCIsabella IrwinF
1850Melbourne, QCWesley IrwinM
1854Melbourne, QCMary-Ann IrwinF
1856Melbourne, QCAlice IrwinF
1856Melbourne, QCFlorenda-Elisabeth IrwinF
1858Melbourne, QCThomas-James IrwinM
1858Sherbrooke, QCIsabella-J IrwinF
1858Sherbrooke, QCHarriet-Jane IrwinF
1860Melbourne, QCEdwin-Clarke IrwinM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Irwin
Here are some examples of burials of the family Irwin
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Burrials list
1854Melbourne, QCJohn IrwinM
1856Stanstead, QCChauncey IrwinM
1858Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCJoseph IrwinM
1864Melbourne, QCLewis-Wesley IrwinM
1868Stanstead, QCLatitia-Rexford IrwinF
1868Sorel, QCMary-Anne IrwinF
1868Melbourne, QCAndrew IrwinM
1875Lennoxville, QCMartha IrwinF
1880Drummondville, QCPatrick IrwimgM
1880Durham-Sud, QCMargery IrwinF
1883Melbourne, QCBarbara IrwinF
1888Sainte-Cecile-de-Milton, QCElisabeth IrwinF
1889Eaton, QCSamuel-Wesley IrwinM
1890Melbourne, QCEllen IrwinF
1897Inverness, QCThomasturner IrwinM
1898Eaton, QCFrank-Austin IrwinM
1899Inverness, QCMary IrwinF
1914Sherbrooke, QCMargaret IrwinF
1920Sherbrooke, QCEdmund-Herbert IrwinM
1921Sherbrooke, QCAnonymous-Twin IrwinM
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Irwin

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