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Hudon-Beaulieu family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Hudon
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Pioneer of the family Hudon-Beaulieu

Pierre Hudon dit Beaulieu was born circa 1648 in Notre-Dame de Chemillé, Anjou, France. Son of Jean Hudon and Françoise Durand, he married Marie Gobeil (17 years old) daughter of Jean and Jeanne Guyet, on July 13, 1676 in Quebec. From this union were born 12 children. He was a baker upon his arrival in New France. In 1667, he had moved to France and came back circa 1676 to settle in Rivière-Ouelle. In 1681 he owned 2 rifles, 2 heads of cattle and 10 acres of land. He died in Rivière-Ouelle on April 24, 1670.
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Marriages of the family Hudon-Beaulieu
Here are some examples of marriages of the family Hudon-Beaulieu
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Marriages list
1676Quebec, QcPierre Hudon-BeaulieuMarie Gobeil
1697Riviere-Ouelle, QcPierre FortinMarie-Gertrude Hudon
1701Riviere-Ouelle, QcGuillaume ParadisJeanne Hudon
1701Riviere-Ouelle, QcGuillaume ParadisCatherine-Marguerite Hudon
1707Saint-Pierre, QcPierre Hudon-BeaulieuClaire Paradis
1711L'islet-Sur-Mer, QcJoseph Hudon-BeaulieuGenevieve Gamache
1713Riviere-Ouelle, QcJean-Baptiste Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Angelique Gagnon
1713Riviere-Ouelle, QcNicolas Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Madeleine Bouchard
1718Riviere-Ouelle, QcJean-Baptiste ParadisMarie-Francoise Hudon-Beaulieu
1718Riviere-Ouelle, QcJean-Bernard Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Charlotte Gagnon
1720Kamouraska, QcFrancois Hudon-BeaulieuGenevieve Paradis
1722Saint-Pascal, QcFrancois HudonMarie-Angelique Emond
1723Riviere-Ouelle, QcLouis-Charles Hudon-BeaulieuGenevieve Levesque
1731Saint-Antoine-De-Tilly, QcFrancois Houde-DesruisseauxAngelique Bergeron
1734Kamouraska, QcPierre AyotMarie Hudon-Beaulieu
1734Kamouraska, QcJoseph-Nicolas Huot-Saint-LaurentGenevieve Hudon-Beaulieu
1739Kamouraska, QcJean PhocasGenevieve Hudon
1742Kamouraska, QcJean-Bernard Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Francoise Labourliere-Laplante
1742Riviere-Ouelle, QcJoseph Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Madeleine Langlois
1742Riviere-Ouelle, QcJoseph Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Madeleine Langlois
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Hudon-Beaulieu
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Hudon-Beaulieu
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Baptisms list
1691Riviere-Ouelle, QCNicolas HudonM
1697Riviere-Ouelle, QCLouis-Charles Hudon-BeaulieuM
1716Riviere-Ouelle, QCJoseph Hudon-BeaulieuM
1717Riviere-Ouelle, QCM.Madeleine HudonF
1718Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Francois HudonM
1721Riviere-Ouelle, QCGabriel-Basile HudonM
1722Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Baptiste HudonM
1723Riviere-Ouelle, QCNicolas Hudon-BeaulieuM
1726Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Baptiste HudonM
1727Riviere-Ouelle, QCM.Madeleine Hudon-BeaulieuF
1728Riviere-Ouelle, QCJulien HudonM
1730Riviere-Ouelle, QCM.Josephte HudonF
1730Riviere-Ouelle, QCJosephte Hudon-BeaulieuF
1730Riviere-Ouelle, QCMarie-Josephte Hudon-BeaulieuF
1731Riviere-Ouelle, QCMarie-Madeleine HudonF
1731Riviere-Ouelle, QCMadeleine Hudon-BeaulieuF
1732Riviere-Ouelle, QCLouis Hudon-BeaulieuM
1732Riviere-Ouelle, QCEtienne HudonM
1732Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Baptiste Hudon-BeaulieuM
1733Riviere-Ouelle, QCGenevieve Hudon-BeaulieuF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Hudon-Beaulieu
Here are some examples of burials of the family Hudon-Beaulieu
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Burrials list
1755Saint-Ours, QCFrancois Hudon-BeaulieuM
1768Saint-Ours, QCCharlotte-Marie Beaulieu-Hudon
1773Saint-Ours, QCAntoine Beaulieu-Hudon
1796Trois-Pistoles, QCAugustin Beaulieu-HudonM
1796Trois-Pistoles, QCAugustin Hudon-BeaulieuM
1800Trois-Pistoles, QCSalomee Hudon-BeaulieuF
1801Becancour, QCGermain Hudon-Beaulieu
1802Sainte-elisabeth, QCAnonyme-Fils Huddon
1802Sainte-elisabeth, QCRose Huddon
1809Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCLouis Hudon
1810Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCJoseph Hudon
1810Becancour, QCFrancois-Vital Hudon-Beaulieu
1811Trois-Pistoles, QCMadeleine Beaulieu-HudonF
1811Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCJoseph Hudon
1811Becancour, QCJoseph Hudon-Beaulieu
1813Becancour, QCFrancois Hudon-Beaulieu
1813Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCM.Therese Hudon-Beaulieu
1813Riviere-du-Loup, QCEmmelie HudonF
1814Riviere-du-Loup, QCGodefroi Hudon-BeaulieuM
1815Riviere-du-Loup, QCPrime Hudon-Beaulieu
... and several other
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Origin of name Hudon-Beaulieu

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