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Pioneer of the family Hall

Arthur Hall was born on July 10th 1878 in Shrivenham, Bershire, England. Son of Henry Hall and Charlotte Mapson, he marries Florence Lewis Stevenson about 1900 in England. He arrives in Canada in 1902. His wife and daughter follow him in 1903. They settle in Verdun near Montreal, Quebec. Arthur and Florence have at least 7 children: Murial, Stella, Emily, Reginald Ivor, Lucy, George Henry, and Frederick Arthur. In 1910, Arthur earned 660$ from his work. Arthur dies on February 20th 1974 in Verdun.
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Origin of name Hall

HALL - from Old English 'heall' and Old Norse 'holl', meaning 'large house'. name given to someone living in or working in a manor house. Or, from the Norse 'hall' and Anglo-Saxon 'haele' meaning 'hero'.
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Marriages of the family Hall
Our database contains 927 records of marriages of the family Hall, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1770Mascouche, QcHenri BeaudoinMarie-Angelique Allard
1781Mascouche, QcJoseph MathieuMarie-Elisabeth Allard
1788Contrecoeur, QcAndre HallMarie-Archange Valentin
1789Quebec, QcWilliam HallMary Stoddart
1794Berthier-Sur-Mer, QcJoseph ButeauCatherine Hall
1802Quebec, QcHenry HallLoisa Harrison
1811Quebec, QcJacob HallRebecca Ferguson
1811Quebec, QcHenry CowanEleanor Hall
1812L'acadie, QcCharles CharbonneauArchange Alix
1813New-Carlisle, QcAmos HallAnn Mcgear
1815L'acadie, QcJean-Baptiste HallMadeleine Poirier
1815Quebec, QcWilliam HallHariet Henderson
1816Dunham, QcGeorge HallJerusha Fuller
1816La-Prairie, QcJoseph MorissetMarie-Francoise Hall
1816Eaton, QcWilliam HardySulnit Hall
1817Saint-Leon-Le-Grand, QcAndre HamelMadeleine Welfert
1817Saint-Constant, QcAntoine LanctotElisabeth Hall
1817Marieville, QcFrancois LarocheMarguerite Hall
1817L'acadie, QcPierre CharbonneauCatherine Hall
1818Quebec, QcThomas HallEleanor Redsall
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Hall
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Hall
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Baptisms list
1796La-Prairie, QCJacques HallM
1796Saint-Ours, QCCatherine HalF
1798La-Prairie, QCBenjamin HallM
1816Sorel, QCRachel-Jeanne HallF
1817Saint-Luc, QCJean-Baptiste HallM
1818Cookshire, QCMargaret-Sage HallM
1819Sorel, QCMarie-Serene HallF
1821Sorel, QCJean HallM
1823Sorel, QCGuillaume HallM
1825New-Richmond, QCJoseph HallM
1825Sorel, QCMarie HallF
1825Drummondville, QCWilliam HallM
1826Sherbrooke, QCIsaac-Livingston HallM
1826Sherbrooke, QCJames-Livingston HallM
1826Sherbrooke, QCSarah-Ann-Livingston HallF
1826New-Richmond, QCJohn HallM
1827Drummondville, QCJoan HallF
1831New-Richmond, QCAgnes HallF
1831Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCAdeline-Persis HallF
1832, Jean HallM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Hall
Here are some examples of burials of the family Hall
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Burrials list
1794Saint-Paul, QCJean-Baptiste Hall
1796La-Prairie, QCJacques HallM
1796Saint-Ours, QCElisabeth-Marie Hal
1798La-Prairie, QCBenjamin HallM
1816Eaton, QCMary-Brown HallF
1822Sorel, QCJean HallM
1825Sorel, QCGuillaume HallM
1828Sorel, QCMarie HallF
1831Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCThomas HallM
1834Hatley, QCFrancis HallM
1835Shipton, QCWilliam HallM
1836Shipton, QCJohn HallM
1838Shipton, QCSimeon HallM
1838Shipton, QCLowell HallM
1839Shipton, QCLucy HallF
1839Eaton, QCHall
1841Melbourne, QCFrancis HallM
1842Kingsey, QCRoxana HallF
1842Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCGrace HallF
1843Saint-Adrien-d'Irlande, QCJohnhamilton HallM
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Hall

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