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Guenet family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Guenette
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Marriages of the family Guenet
Our database contains 194 records of marriages of the family Guenet, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1675Sainte-Famille, QcPierre Ganet-GuenetCatherine Veuillot
1675Montreal, QcJean Guenet-QuenetEtiennette Hurtubise
1689Saint-Laurent, QcPierre GuenetElisabeth Paquet-Pasquier-Lavallee
1700Montreal, QcJacques MilotHelene Guenet
1704Quebec, QcJacques GuenetMarguerite Boutin
1705Saint-Etienne-De-Beaumont, QcThomas GuenetMarie-Anne Maheu-Paul
1710Saint-Michel-De-Bellechasse, QcFrancois Bacquet-Baquet-LamontagneElisabeth Guenet
1717Quebec, QcJean-Baptiste Guenet-QuenetMarie-Madeleine Landron
1718Montreal, QcJean Guenet-QuenetFrancoise Lacroix-Cuillerier
1718Saint-Etienne-De-Beaumont, QcLouis BechardMarie-Francoise Guenet
1723Saint-Etienne-De-Beaumont, QcJacques GuenetLouise Gromelin
1723Saint-Etienne-De-Beaumont, QcPierre GuenetteMarie Leroy
1725Saint-Etienne-De-Beaumont, QcJean LeroyAnne Guenet
1728Saint-Neree, QcJoseph JolivetCharlotte Guenet
1729Quebec, QcEtienne-Nicolas-Blaise PerraultMarie-Anne Guenet
1730Quebec, QcFrancois GuenetMarie-Louise Boivin
1731Quebec, QcAuxibie LafleurMarie-Jeanne Guenet
1731Saint-Etienne-De-Beaumont, QcJean-Baptiste PerrinAngelique Guenet
1738Saint-Michel-De-Bellechasse, QcThomas GuenetteCatherine Leroux
1740Saint-Etienne-De-Beaumont, QcJean DaigneaultTherese Guenet
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Guenet
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Guenet
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Baptisms list
1769Lachenaie, QCM.Joseph GuenetM
1784Lachenaie, QCM.Antoinette GuenetF
1838Saint-Lin, QCLouis GuenetM
1842Saint-Jerome, QCJoachim GuenetM
1842Saint-Jerome, QCJoseph GuenetM
1842Saint-Jerome, QCMarie GuenetF
1842Saint-Jerome, QCMagloire-Damase GuenetM
1844Saint-Jerome, QCMarie GuenetF
1845Saint-Jerome, QCMarie-Alexia GuenetF
1846Saint-Jerome, QCFrancois-Xavier GuenetM
1846Saint-Jerome, QCVitaline GuenetF
1848Saint-Jerome, QCRose-De-Lima GuenetF
1848Saint-Jerome, QCAntoine GuenetM
1848Saint-Jerome, QCAnselme GuenetM
1849Sainte-Cecile-de-Milton, QCTelesphore GuenetM
1850Saint-Jerome, QCMelensippe GuenetM
1850Saint-Jerome, QCCharles GuenetM
1850Saint-Jerome, QCMarie-Louise GuenetF
1850Bonsecours, QCEtienne GuenetM
1850Saint-Jerome, QCJean-Francois-Regis GuenetM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Guenet
Here are some examples of burials of the family Guenet
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Burrials list
1771Lachenaie, QCCharlotte Guenet
1841Saint-Jerome, QCGarcon GuenetM
1842Saint-Jerome, QCAnonyme GuenetM
1842Saint-Jerome, QCMarie GuenetF
1843Saint-Jerome, QCDorothe GuenetM
1843Saint-Jerome, QCAdelle GuenetF
1843Saint-Jerome, QCJoseph GuenetM
1844Saint-Jerome, QCMatilde GuenetF
1844Saint-Jerome, QCAnonyme Guenet
1845Saint-Jerome, QCPierre GuenetM
1851Saint-Jerome, QCAntoine GuenetM
1851Saint-Jerome, QCCharles GuenetM
1851Saint-Jerome, QCRose-De-Lima GuenetF
1852Saint-Jerome, QCLouise GuenetF
1853Saint-Jerome, QCLouis GuenetM
1853Saint-Jerome, QCJulienne GuenetF
1855Saint-Jerome, QCAdelaide GuenetF
1856Longueuil, QCGenevieve GuenetF
1857Saint-Jerome, QCGodfroi GuenetM
1858Saint-Jerome, QCGodefroi GuenetM
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Guenet

Pierre Guenet was born circa 1650 in Soissons, Aisne, France. Son of Jacques and Marie de St-Los-Destlots, he married Catherine Veillot, daughter of François and Catherine Leblanc on may 19, 1675 in Ile d'Orleans. Catherine was the widow of Jacques Dubois. They had 4 children. A widow, he married Elisabeth Paquet, daughter of Isaac and Elisabeth Meunier on February 7, 1689 in Ile d'Orleans. They had 10 children. A Mason and a pitsawyer, he lived in Ile d'Orleans, Quebec and Beaumont. In 1688, he is responsible for building the masonry walls around the bishop's palace in Quebec. He is buried on August 19, 1741 in Beaumont.
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Origin of name Guenet

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Celebrities of the family Guenet

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