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Gervais family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Gervaise, Gervais-Talbot
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Marriages of the family Gervais
Our database contains 7846 records of marriages of the family Gervais, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1624Julien GervaisNicolasse FouvreFRA
1665Antoine Darde-BelairAnne GervaisFRA
1665Pierre GervaisMarie-Anne BlainQuebec, Qc
1669Rene GervaisMarie JousselotQuebec, Qc
1672Marin GervaisFrancoise MonvoisinSainte-Famille, Qc
1676Mathieu Gervais-ParisienMichelle PicardMontreal, Qc
1684Francois PrudhommeCecile GervaiseMontreal, Qc
1686Guillaume Fabas-St-GermainMarie-Madeleine GerbertQuebec, Qc
1686Louis GervaiseBarbe PigeonMontreal, Qc
1689Francois DumasMarie GervaisSaint-Laurent, Qc
1693Nicolas GervaiseMarie-Madeleine PayetMontreal, Qc
1697Pierre Fonteneau-DesmoulinsAntoinette GervaisCharlesbourg, Qc
1698Jean-Jacques Talbot-GervaisCharlotte SommereuxMontreal, Qc
1700Jean-Baptiste GervaisMarie-Jeanne TessierSainte-Anne-De-La-Perade, Qc
1700Charles MarcilRomaine GervaisLa-Prairie, Qc
1700Jacques GervaisMarie-Madeleine Dassylva-DasylvaQuebec, Qc
1701Jean-Baptiste LalondeJeanne GervaisLa-Prairie, Qc
1704Jacques GervaisLouise VandandaigueBeauport, Qc
1706Jean-Jean-Baptiste GervaisAnne LefebvreLa-Prairie, Qc
1708Jean-Mathieu GervaisJeanne-Francoise RoncerayMontreal, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Gervais
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Gervais
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Baptisms list
1679Jeanne Gervais-ParisienFLa-Prairie, QC
1681Romaine Gervais-ParisienFLa-Prairie, QC
1683Jean-Mathieu GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1684Marguerite GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1686Pierre GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1689Marie-Caterine GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1692Anne GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1695Mathieu GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1699Mathieu GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1707Jean-Baptiste GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1708Marguerite-Francoise GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1709Marie-Angelique GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1710Marie GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1710Marie-Suzanne GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1712Michelle GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1712Jane-Francoise GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1714Joseph-Marie GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1714Jean-Baptiste GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1716Marie-Elisabeth GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1716Charle GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Gervais
Here are some examples of burials of the family Gervais
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Burrials list
1712Michelle GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1718Marie GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1727Jacques GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1727Francois GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1728Mathieu GervaisLongueuil, QC
1729Toussaint GervaisLongueuil, QC
1730Jn-Baptiste GervaisLongueuil, QC
1731Marguerite GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1733Pierre GervaisLongueuil, QC
1733Amable GervaisLongueuil, QC
1734Marie GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1734Pierre GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1735Augustin GervaisLongueuil, QC
1736Angelique GervaisFLongueuil, QC
1737Marie-Anne GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1737Alexis GervaisLongueuil, QC
1737Elizabeth GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1740Joseph-Marie GervaisMLa-Prairie, QC
1740Marie-Josephe GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
1740Marie-Marguerite GervaisFLa-Prairie, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Gervais

Jean-Baptiste Gervais was born around 1676 in Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, France. Son of Charles Gervais and Jacquette Rose, he married Marie-Jeanne Tessier, daughter of Mathurin and Elisabeth Letourneau, on January 9, 1700 in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade. From this union were born 9 children. Soldier of the company of Monsieur de Louvigny, this pioneer settled in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade. Little is known of him besides the fact that he was hospitalized at the Hotel-Dieu in Quebec in 1698, for an undetermined reason. The exact date of his death is not known, but he died before February 3, 1725.
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Origin of name Gervais

GERVAIS - alteration of GERVAISE, of the Latin name Gervasius. Also evokes the martyrdom of the two brothers Gervais and Protais, at the beginning of the Christian era. Known variants: JARVIS or JERVIS (in English).
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Celebrities of the family Gervais

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