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Gault family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Gaucher, Gaucher-Bourdelois, Gaucher-Gamelin, Gaucin, Gaucin-St-Germain, Gaudet, Gaudette, Gaudin, Gaudio, Gaudrault, Gaudreau, Gaudreault, Gaudron, Gaudry, Gaudry-Bourbonniere, Gaughan, Gaul, Gauley, Gaulin, Gaultier, Gaumond, Gaumont, Gaunt, Gauron, Gausselin, Gaussiran, Gauthier, Gauthier, Gauthier, Gauthier, Gauthier-Caron, Gauthier-Devarennes, Gauthier-Landreville, Gauthier-Larouche, Gauthier-St-Germain, Gautier, Gautier-Landreville, Gautreau, Gautron, Gautron, Gautron-Larochelle, Gauvin, Gauvreau, Gobeil, Gobeille, Gobert, Gobin, Godard, Godard, Godard-Lapointe, Godbois, Godbou, Godbout, Godcharles, Godcher, Goddard, Goddu, Godebout, Godefroy, Goder, Godere, Goderre, Godet, Godfrey, Godfrind, Godfroy, Godhue, Godi, Godin, Godin-Chatillon, Godin-Felix, Godmaire, Godmer, Godon, Godreau, Godreault, Godu, Godue, Goedike, Goetz, Goff, Gogan, Goggin, Goguen, Goguet, Goheen, Gohier, Goineau, Going, Gold, Golden, Golding, Goldman, Goldsmith, Golka, Gollain, Gomes, Gomez, Gommier, Goncalves, Goneau, Gonneau, Gonneville, Gonthier, Gonthier, Gonthier-Bernard, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Good, Goodall, Goodchild, Goode, Goodenough, Goodfellow, Goodhue, Gooding, Goodman, Goodsell, Goodswimmer, Goodwill, Goodwin, Goossens, Gordon, Gore, Gorecki, Gorham, Goring, Gorley, Gorman, Gormley, Gorneau, Goron, Gorry, Goss, Gosse, Gosselin, Gosset, Goudge, Goudie, Goudrault, Goudreau, Goudreault, Gouge, Gougeon, Gouger, Gough, Goujon, Goulais, Goulard, Gould, Goulet, Goulette, Goupil, Goupille, Gour, Gourd, Gourde, Gourdeau, Gourdes, Gourdon, Goure, Gourgon, Gourgon-St-Maurice, Gourgue, Gourgues, Gourlay, Gourley, Gourre, Gousse, Gousy, Gouthro, Gouveia, Gouzy, Govin, Gow, Gowan, Gowett, Goyer, Goyer-Belisle, Goyet, Goyette, Gozzi
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Marriages of the family Gault
Our database contains 51 records of marriages of the family Gault, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1779Quebec, QcJohn GermanMargaret Goltt
1821Saint-Roch-De-L'achigan, QcJacques TerrienGenevieve Landreville-Gauthier
1823Berthierville, QcLouis GoltAdelaide-Antoinette Guillet-Tourangeau
1835Saint-Laurent, QcToussaint DescarriesFlavie Legault
1836Quebec, QcJohn GowBridget Murphy
1843La-Malbaie-Pointe-Au-Pic, QcFrancois SavardJosephte Gauthier-Larouche
1845Hatley, QcJohn-N DamanLucy-Ann Gault
1848Quebec, QcJames GowCatherine Mckay
1860Quebec, QcJohn-William GowCatharine-Ann Roach
1865Laterriere, QcTheotine Larouche-GautEmerentienne Godreau
1865Hebertville, QcEugere SimardM.-Zoe Larouche-Gaut
1865-, NsAnsell-M GowMary-Elizabeth Roop
1867Laterriere, QcFrancois-Xavier Larouche-GautHenriette Gagnon
1870Saint-Sylvestre, QcJames GauldAnn Laughrey
1871Chicoutimi, QcJean LaroucheHelene Gagne
1873William-Edward GowElizabeth Smith
1875West-Brook, NsJames-L GowJane Dobson
1875Albert NicholsSarah Gow
1875Laterriere, QcJ.-Louis TremblayMarie-Hortense Larouche-Gaut
1876La-Baie, QcJean TremblayM.-Amedee Larouche
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Gault
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Gault
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Baptisms list
1853Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Zephyrine Le-Gault
1900Hull, QCJoseph-Adrien Le-GaultM
1902Drummondville, QCEthel-Jane-Ernestine GaultF
1904Drummondville, QCSarah-Elsie-Eveline GaultF
1912Drummondville, QCMarie-Edna GaultF
1913Drummondville, QCFlorence GaultF
1916Drummondville, QCIda-Edith-May-Marie GaultF
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Burials of the family Gault
Here are some examples of burials of the family Gault
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Burrials list
1873Rimouski, QCCyprien Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1879Rimouski, QCJ.Fortunat Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1902Rimouski, QCMarie Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautF
1906Rimouski, QCArmand Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1907Rimouski, QCAbel Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1907Rimouski, QCJeanne Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautF
1912Rimouski, QCSarah Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautF
1922Rimouski, QCLouis-Philippe Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1923Rimouski, QCAnonyme Larouche-Voir-Aussi-Gaut
1923Rimouski, QCGeorgianna Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautF
1926Rimouski, QCJean-Charles Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1926Rimouski, QCAlida Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautF
1926Rimouski, QCPhilippe Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1928Rimouski, QCAnonyme Larouche-Voir-Aussi-Gaut
1929Montreal, QCEdna GaultF
1935Rimouski, QCElzear-Herve Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1945Rimouski, QCPhilippe Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1948Rimouski, QCWellie Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1950Rimouski, QCWellie Larouche-Voir-Aussi-GautM
1953Bonsecours, QCAnonyme GaultM
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Gault

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Origin of name Gault

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Celebrities of the family Gault

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