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Gaignard family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Gaignard
Our database contains 87 records of marriages of the family Gaignard, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1840Jean-Denis ChouinardAnnette GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1895Elisee DubruleRosalie GaignardPiopolis, Qc
1901Julien GaignardSarah RoySaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1902Jean-Marie GaignardMarie RoySaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1906Julien GaignardAurore RoySaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1906Francois GaignardEugenie GalbrandSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1909Napoleon ChouinardMarie GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1909Aime RoyCecilia GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1926Xavier VachonEmilia GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1928Marcel GaignardM.-Luce FortierSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1928Emilien GaignardOdiana AllardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1928Jean GaignardErnestine DuchesneSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1929Ovila LavignePauline GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1932Joseph ChouinardMarie GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1934Olivier GaignardCecile DeshaiesSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1935Ernest GosselinJosephine GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1938Camille GaignardBernadette GendronBellecombe, Qc
1938Albert CampagnaMarie-Louise GaignardSaint-Augustin-De-Woburn, Qc
1938Andre GagneAnita GaignardBellecombe, Qc
1938Auguste GaignardSimone JolyBellecombe, Qc
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Baptisms of the family Gaignard
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Gaignard
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Baptisms list
J-Adrien-Emile GaignardMLac-Chicobi, QC
J-Roland-Jean-Guy GaignardMLac-Chicobi, QC
J-Jacynthe-Doris GaignardMLac-Chicobi, QC
M-Madeleine-Marguerit GaignardFLac-Chicobi, QC
J-Maurice-Francois GaignardMLac-Chicobi, QC
M-Dolores-Georgette GaignardFLac-Chicobi, QC
M-Therese-Denise GaignardFLac-Chicobi, QC
J-Emmanuel-Daniel GaignardMLac-Chicobi, QC
J.Nova-Pierre GaignardMSaint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QC
J-Sylva-Andre GaignardMAmos, QC
J.Gerard-Eric GaignardMSaint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QC
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Pioneer of the family Gaignard

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Origin of name Gaignard

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Celebrities of the family Gaignard

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