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Fouquette family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Fouquette
Our database contains 99 records of marriages of the family Fouquette, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1791Saint-Henri, QcAntoine CadoretAgathe Fouquet
1791Levis, QcAlexis GosselinMarie-Francoise Fouquet
1804Saint-Henri, QcCharles Mimeau-MimeauxMarie-Therese Fouquet-Fouquette
1804Saint-Henri, QcBenjamin FouquetMarie-Anne Demers
1827Saint-Henri, QcBenjamin FouquetteGenevieve Carrier
1827Saint-Pierre, QcJean FouquetteTherese Nolin
1838Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QcJoachim ParadisEleonore Fouquet
1840Levis, QcJoachim FouquetteMarie Carrier
1844Levis, QcGabriel LemieuxGenevieve Fouquette
1867Tingwick, QcBenjamin FouquetteMarie Couture
1868Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QcMagloire ParadisMarie-Louise Fouquet
1871Tingwick, QcThomas SamsonRosalie Fouquette
1872Tingwick, QcCharles HainsDelvina Fouquette
1872Tingwick, QcPierre FouquetteEleonore Cantin
1875Tingwick, QcLeon LeblancArthemise Fouquette
1882Chesterville, QcJoseph CourtoisAdelaide Fouquette
1883Chesterville, QcAthanase BoutinClara Fouquette
1884Chesterville, QcJoseph-Adelard FouquettePhilomene Courtois
1890Chesterville, QcNapoleon FouquetteJessie Beaudet
1893Chesterville, QcCharles BeliveauClarisse Fouquette
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Baptisms of the family Fouquette
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Fouquette
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Baptisms list
1775Saint-Henri, QCM.Angelique FouquetteF
1777Saint-Henri, QCMarguerite FouquetteF
1791Saint-Henri, QCJean-Baptiste FouquetteM
1811Saint-Henri, QCJean-Baptiste FouquetteM
1812Saint-Henri, QCBenjamin FouquetteM
1814Saint-Henri, QCIgnace FouquetteM
1815Saint-Henri, QCPierre FouquetteM
1817Saint-Henri, QCFrancois FouquetteM
1819Saint-Henri, QCM.Genevieve FouquetteF
1821Saint-Henri, QCM.Eleonore FouquetteF
1823Saint-Henri, QCEdouard FouquetteM
1907Ascot-Corner, QCJoseph-Irenee-Benjamin-Emile FouquetteM
1908Ascot-Corner, QCMarie-Irene-Eulalie FouquetteF
1910Ascot-Corner, QCMarie-Yvonne-Jeannette FouquetteF
1912Ascot-Corner, QCJoseph-Albert-Roland FouquetteM
Sherbrooke, QCMarie-France FouquetteF
Valcourt, QCPatrick FouquetteM
Sherbrooke, QCKarolyne-France-Lyne FouquetteF
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Pioneer of the family Fouquette

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Origin of name Fouquette

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Celebrities of the family Fouquette

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