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Foster family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Origin of name Foster

The Foster Families in America got their Heritage in England about 1066 A D.
After the battle of Hastings,when William the Conqueror, knighted a 16 year old boy,Richard De Forestarius,and gave to him,the Northern part of England known as Northumberland.The Forster's surname evolved and the frist son's inherited the land and titles from their father's.
The second and additional sons eventually became known as Foster.
They spread southward,and by 1600's were going abroad to establish homes and lands of their own in the English Empire.This story continues with those who immigrated to early Viginia,and Massachusetts in the 1607 to 1750 time periods.
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Marriages of the family Foster
Our database contains 779 records of marriages of the family Foster, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1815Dunham, QcWilliam FosterLydia Seelye
1819Dunham, QcEzra FosterSarah Holland
1819Quebec, QcRalph WilsonMary Foster
1822Les-Eboulements, QcJean-Francois GagnonElisabeth Gauthier
1826Quebec, QcWilliam MillerElizabeth Foster
1826Philipsburg, QcHiram FosterCordelia-C Hogel
1829Quebec, QcWilliam FosterSarah Mole
1832Montreal, QcJames MurphyCatherine Foster
1833Quebec, QcPatrice ConnellJeanne Foster
1833Quebec, QcJohn-Edward FosterFlora Murray
1834Philipsburg, QcWilliam-H. MaynardAnna Foster
1835Quebec, QcJohn SpantonMargaret Foster
1836Dunham, QcHiram JohnsonAnna Foster
1836Quebec, QcWilliam MontgomeryMary Foster
1837La-Malbaie-Pointe-Au-Pic, QcFlorent DufourCatherine Foster
1837Shipton, QcGeorge-King FosterElvira Cleaveland
1839Stanstead, QcAbner FosterHarriet Norton
1841Quebec, QcJohn HudsonAnn Foster
1841La-Malbaie-Pointe-Au-Pic, QcJean FosterAlexandrienne Dufour
1842La-Malbaie-Pointe-Au-Pic, QcJacques FosterIde Boudreault
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Foster
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Foster
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Baptisms list
1817La-Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic, QCMarie-Catherine FosterF
1819La-Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic, QCLouise FosterF
1821La-Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic, QCJacques FosterM
1824Saint-Eustache, QCJoseph Foster
1829Drummondville, QCJoseph FosterM
1832Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCJohn FosterM
1840Stanstead, QCCharles-Heriman FosterM
1844Durham-Sud, QCJohn FosterM
1847Durham-Sud, QCRuth FosterF
1852Sherbrooke, QCHarriet FosterF
1852Sherbrooke, QCIsabella FosterF
1852Sherbrooke, QCAmanda-Lucy FosterF
1852Sherbrooke, QCMiles FosterM
1852Sherbrooke, QCVirtue-Mahala FosterF
1853Eaton, QCThomas-Henry FosterM
1856Stanstead, QCThomas-Henry FosterM
1857Eaton, QCCharles-Bateman FosterM
1857Eaton, QCMiron-Richard FosterM
1860Eaton, QCFlora-R.Elisabeth FosterF
1864Eaton, QCGrace-Ann FosterF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Foster
Here are some examples of burials of the family Foster
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Burrials list
1825Saint-Eustache, QCJoseph Foster
1836Stanstead, QCOwen-King FosterM
1840Stanstead, QCCharles-Heriman FosterM
1847Barnston, QCAbner FosterM
1853Shipton, QCNelson-Augustus FosterM
1857Eaton, QCWilliam-Willie FosterM
1858Kingsey, QCCatherine FosterF
1866Coaticook, QCHenry-Horace FosterM
1866Eaton, QCIsabella FosterF
1870Coaticook, QCArthur-Frederick-Joh FosterM
1871Coaticook, QCSamuel-Peter FosterM
1876Coaticook, QCReginald-Ernest FosterM
1879Coaticook, QCAmy-Florence FosterF
1879Sherbrooke, QCIsabella FosterF
1881Richmond, QCGeorge-Frederick FosterM
1884Durham-Sud, QCElizabeth FosterF
1884Danville, QCEsther FosterF
1885Drummondville, QCMichel FosterM
1891Sherbrooke, QCWilliam-Robert FosterM
1891Sherbrooke, QCAlice FosterF
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Foster

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Celebrities of the family Foster

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