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Ferron family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Feron, Ferrone
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Pioneer of the family Ferron

Jean-Baptiste Ferron was baptized on September 13th, 1724 in St-Leonard, Manche, in France. Son of René Ferron and Julienne Breyer, he married Marie Bibeau, daughter of Joseph and Mary Mineau, on July 6th, 1750 in Louiseville, Rivière-du-Loup. From this union were born 11 children. Widower in 1774, he married his second wife, Marie-Charlotte Pepin, daughter of Pierre and Marie-Josephe Verret-Laverdure, on February 19th, 1776 in Yamachiche. From this union were born 8 children. Arrived to this country in 1748, this day laborer at Les Forges du Saint-Maurice settled in Trois-Rivières, then in Yamachiche where he died on April 12th, 1793.
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Origin of name Ferron

Ferron - from the name of several places in France, or from the Old French "ferron" which means iron merchant or blacksmith.
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Marriages of the family Ferron
Our database contains 1138 records of marriages of the family Ferron, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1671Quebec, QcGuillaume BertrandMarguerite Ferron
1692Montreal, QcJean Feron-SancerreMarie-Anne Poutre
1696Montreal, QcJean FerronElisabeth Patenaude
1717Montreal, QcAlbert BeaulieuMarie-Anne Feron
1717Montreal, QcAlbert BeauneMarie-Anne Ferron
1724Montreal, QcAntoine PoudretMarie-Elisabeth Ferron
1728Montreal, QcMartin Cureau-CurotMarie-Louise Ferron-Sancerre
1735Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste Feron-SancerMarie-Anne-Angelique Chevreuil-Duval
1750Louiseville, QcJean FerrandMarie Bibeau
1763Saint-Sulpice, QcJacques CussonMarie-Louise Feron
1769Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste Feron-SancerMonique Desforges
1776Yamachiche, QcJean-Baptiste FerronCharlotte Pepin
1779Sorel, QcJacques Carre-LarocheCharlotte Favereau
1779Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcFrancois FerronVictoire Jannot
1780Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste Feron-SancerMarie-Elisabeth Bardet
1782Yamachiche, QcClaude FerronTherese Noel
1788Louiseville, QcSebastien WelfertMarie-Angelique Ferron
1792Yamachiche, QcJoseph CollinRosalie Ferron
1799Yamachiche, QcPierre FerronMarie Stuart
1800Yamachiche, QcJean FerronMarie Gauthier
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Ferron
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Ferron
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Baptisms list
1809Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QCHenri-George Campbell-FerronM
1812Repentigny, QCOlivette FeronF
1819Baie-du-Febvre, QCMarie Feron-LaferteF
1828Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Betsy FerronF
1830Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCIsrael FerronM
1831Trois-Rivieres, QCJean-Godefroy FeronM
1831Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCJean FerronM
1833Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCLouise FerronF
1837Massueville, QCMarie FerronF
1837Massueville, QCPierre FerronM
1839Massueville, QCJulie FerronF
1841Massueville, QCMarie-Louise FerronF
1841Massueville, QCMaxime FerronM
1842Massueville, QCAugustin FerronM
1842Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCMarie FerronF
1842Massueville, QCJean-Baptiste FerronM
1843Massueville, QCMarie-Adee FerronF
1843Trois-Rivieres, QCNarcisse-Alexandre FeronM
1843Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Mathilde FerronF
1843Massueville, QCClaude FerronM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Ferron
Here are some examples of burials of the family Ferron
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Burrials list
1833Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCJean FerronM
1834Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCLouise FerronF
1841Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCTherese Ferron
1843Massueville, QCAdelaide Ferron
1848Massueville, QCFrancois Ferron
1849Massueville, QCClaude Ferron
1849Sorel, QCMarie-Adele FerronF
1850Massueville, QCJoseph Ferron
1851Massueville, QCSara-Elzire Ferron-Feron
1852Massueville, QCCharles Ferron
1852Massueville, QCPierre Ferron
1856Sorel, QCHazilda FerronF
1857Massueville, QCMarie Ferron
1858Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCThomas Ferron
1858Sorel, QCMarie-Clementine-Anne FerronF
1859Sorel, QCTheotiste-Celanire FerronF
1860Sorel, QCMarie-Louise Faran-FerronF
1860Massueville, QCAnonyme Ferron
1864Massueville, QCAugustin Ferron-Feron
1869Massueville, QCRosilda Ferron-Feron
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Ferron

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