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Duhamel family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Duhamel-Sansfacon
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Pioneer of the family Duhamel

Thomas Duhamel-Sansfaçon was born and baptized on May 15, 1671 in Bernière, Seine-Maritime, France. Son of Jacques Duhamel and Marie-Anne Tranchard-Tranchand, he married Angélique Besnier-Beignet, daughter of Massé Beignet and Michelle Charlier, on October 22, 1698 in Champlain. From this union were born 8 children. Soldier in the Troupes de la Marine, Compagnie de Cabanac, he came here in 1696. He first settled in Champlain, then at Seigneurie Dorvilliers and, finally, established his family on 3 acres lands that he bough in 1719 in Iles Bouchard. He was buried in Saint-Sulpice on April 10, 1741.
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Marriages of the family Duhamel
Our database contains 1519 records of marriages of the family Duhamel, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1689Lachine, QcJacques Chasle-DuhamelMarie-Madeleine Bourgery
1698Champlain, QcThomas Duhamel-SansfaconAngelique Benie
1722Saint-Sulpice, QcAnthoine Frappiez-HilaireAngelique Duhamel-Sansfacon
1723Contrecoeur, QcExupere Duhamel-SansfaconMarie-Catherine Bouvier
1729Saint-Sulpice, QcPierre ChevalierMarie-Catherine Duhamel-Sansfacon
1730Contrecoeur, QcLouis Duhamel-SansfaconLouise-Francoise Volant
1736Saint-Sulpice, QcMaurice GuertinMarianne Duhamel
1737Saint-Sulpice, QcPierre DuhamelMarie-Louise Chagnon
1747Pointe-Claire, QcJoseph-Marie DaoustMarie-Catherine Chales-Chasle-Duhamel
1748Vercheres, QcThomas DuhamelMarie-Euphrosine Boisseau
1753Berthierville, QcFrancois JolyMarie Duhamel
1753L'islet, QcJulien DuhamelAngelique Duval-Duval
1754Contrecoeur, QcAntoine FoisyMarguerite Duhamel
1756Contrecoeur, QcLouis DuhamelJosette Lamoureux
1759Saint-Sulpice, QcChristophe LhussierMarie-Angelique Duhamel
1760Contrecoeur, QcPierre DuhamelMarie Saint-Onge
1760Saint-Ours, QcPierre DuhamelMarguerite Dupre
1762L'assomption, QcFrancois DuhamelM.-Monique Vaillant
1764Contrecoeur, QcJoseph DuhamelMadeleine Favreau
1765Vercheres, QcPierre-Amable DesrochesMarie-Louise Duhamel
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Duhamel
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Duhamel
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Baptisms list
1699Champlain, QCExupere Duhamel-SansfaconF
1704La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCThomas Duhamel-SanfaconM
1704Sorel, QCThomas Duhamel-SanfaconM
1706La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCLouis Duhamel-SanfaconM
1706Sorel, QCLouis Duhamel-SanfaconM
1711Sorel, QCMarie-Catherine Duhamel-SanfaconF
1735Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCAngelique DuhamelF
1764Saint-Ours, QCLouis DuhamelM
1765Saint-Ours, QCMarguerite-Marie DuhamelF
1765Saint-Ours, QCFrancois DuhamelM
1766Saint-Ours, QCFrancoise-Marie DuhamelF
1767Saint-Ours, QCPierre DuhamelM
1767Saint-Ours, QCLouis Duhamel-SansfaconM
1767Saint-Ours, QCJean-Baptiste DuhamelM
1769Saint-Ours, QCMarie-Anne DuhamelF
1769Saint-Ours, QCJean-Baptiste DuhamelM
1770Saint-Ours, QCCharlotte-Marie DuhamelF
1771Saint-Ours, QCCharlotte-Marie DuhamelF
1772Saint-Ours, QCJoseph DuhamelM
1772Saint-Ours, QCJoseph DuhamelM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Duhamel
Here are some examples of burials of the family Duhamel
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Burrials list
1735Repentigny, QCCatherine Duhamel
1763Saint-Ours, QCCharlotte-Marie Duhamel
1764Saint-Ours, QCLouis Duhamel
1766Saint-Ours, QCFrancoise-Marie Duhamel
1767Saint-Ours, QCAngelique Duhamel
1768Saint-Ours, QCJean-Baptiste Duhamel
1768Saint-Ours, QCLouis Duhamel
1769Saint-Ours, QCMarie-Anne Duhamel
1770Saint-Ours, QCArchange-Marie Duhamel
1772Saint-Ours, QCJoseph Duhamel
1773Saint-Ours, QCCatherine-Marie Duhamel
1774Saint-Ours, QCMarguerite-Marie Duhamel-Sansfacon
1774Saint-Ours, QCMarguerite-Marie Duhamel-Sansfacon
1775Saint-Ours, QCGenevieve Duhamel
1776Saint-Ours, QCAndre Duhamel
1777Saint-Ours, QCCatherine Duhamel
1777Saint-Ours, QCLouis Duhamel
1777Saint-Ours, QCJosette-Marie Duhamel
1778Saint-Ours, QCAppoline-Marie Duhamel
1781Saint-Ours, QCJoseph Duhamel
... and several other
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Origin of name Duhamel

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Celebrities of the family Duhamel

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