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Douglass family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Douglass

Deacon William Douglass, son of Robert, was born in 1610 in Scotland. His wife lived in Ringstead, England. He married Ann Mattles, daughter of Thomas, probably in 1636. William Douglas came to New England with his wife and two children, Ann and Robert, in 1640. They landed at Cape Ann and lived in Gloucester, Boston and Ipswich. He then moved to New London (CT) where became one of the most prominent citizens. The new church was built on his land and he held many important offices in the town. He was chosen one of the two deacons of the church in 1670. He died in New London in 1682.
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Origin of name Douglass

DOUGLASS – Anglicized form of the name Dubhglas, of Scottish origin, which comes from the Gaelic "dubh" which means dark, and "glas" meaning water, river, stream.
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Marriages of the family Douglass
Our database contains 205 records of marriages of the family Douglass, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1757Montreal, QcFrancois-Prosper DouglasCharlotte Lacorne
1790Quebec, QcChalmoley DouglasAnn Leonard
1799Quebec, QcDavid DouglasMary Mccallum
1800Quebec, QcJoseph DouglasMary Mckay
1803Quebec, QcAlexander GallowMary Douglas
1808Quebec, QcWilliam DouglasMary Howey
1822Quebec, QcWilliam WilsonIsabella Douglas
1825Quebec, QcJohn DouglasMargaret Haggerty
1825Quebec, QcJohn McneilMary Douglas
1826Quebec, QcJames DouglassJane Fraser
1826Quebec, QcPatrick TyrrellSophia Douglas
1829Quebec, QcAndrew DouglassSarah Jones
1829Quebec, QcWalter-Cornelius DouglasEleanor Herald
1830Quebec, QcJean DelageMarguerite Douglas
1831Quebec, QcRobert CairnsNaomi Douglas
1831Quebec, QcJames DouglasElizabeth Ferguson
1833Quebec, QcAlexander McdonaldMary Douglas
1833Quebec, QcJohn DouglasDavinia Mcgibbon
1833Quebec, QcAndrew DouglasCatherine Kerwin
1833Bernieres-Saint-Nicolas, QcJacques DouglassFlavie Dubois
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Douglass
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Douglass
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Baptisms list
1878Thurso, QCAlexandria-Martha DouglasF
1881Thurso, QCJohn-Archibald DouglasM
1885Richmond, QCAgnes-Margaret DouglasF
1890Hull, QCHelene-Jeanne-Hameline DouglassF
1891Thetford-Mines, QCMary-Mable DouglassF
1892Hull, QCMarie-Helene-Jane DouglassF
1893Thetford-Mines, QCM.Jennie-Catherine DouglassF
1896Hull, QCMarie-Ida DouglassF
1912Sherbrooke, QCMary-Elizabeth-Jeannette DouglasF
1915Sherbrooke, QCMary-Jane-Ella-Irene-Sabina DouglasF
1916Sherbrooke, QCJos.Valerian-Robert DouglassM
1917Sherbrooke, QCEthel-Sara-Bernadette-Mary DouglasF
1921Trois-Pistoles, QCRobert-William-Ernest DouglasM
Longueuil, QCAnonyme-M Douglas
Longueuil, QCConrad-Joseph-Wilfrid-Alain DouglasM
Champneuf, QCM-Carmen-Denise DouglasF
Eaton, QCJeremy-Campbell DouglasM
Magog, QCAnn-Tanya-M.Imel DouglasF
Magog, QCJonathan-J.Mathi DouglasM
Sherbrooke, QCCaroline-Carole-Linda DouglasF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Douglass
Here are some examples of burials of the family Douglass
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Burrials list
1821Saint-Luc, QCMarie Douglass
1873Richmond, QCMungo DouglasM
1906Hull, QCPhilomene DouglasF
1914Saint-Ours, QCFrank Douglass
1917Sherbrooke, QCEthel-Sara-Bernadette-Mary DouglasF
1918Sherbrooke, QCMary-Jane-Irene DouglasF
1922Black-Lake, QCMary DouglasF
1948Longueuil, QCMary-Jane Douglas
1948Longueuil, QCAnonyme Douglas
1959Longueuil, QCAnonyme Douglas
1991Longueuil, QCConrad Dugas-Douglas
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Celebrities of the family Douglass

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