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Dessurault family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Dessureau, Dessureault, Dessureaux
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Marriages of the family Dessurault
Our database contains 1626 records of marriages of the family Dessurault, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1672Batiscan, QcFrancois Dessureaux-Le-BourguignonMarie Bouart
1698Montreal, QcJean Etienne-Lamontagne-PontMarie Dessurault
1699Champlain, QcPierre GenereuxMarie-Francoise Dessureaux
1704Batiscan, QcJean BarilCatherine Dessureaux
1708Batiscan, QcPierre Baribeau-BeaupreMarie-Madeleine Dessureaux
1714Sainte-Anne-De-La-Perade, QcJean-Baptiste DessureauxMarie-Jeanne Baribeau
1714Sainte-Anne-De-La-Perade, QcJean DessureauMarie-Jeanne Baribeau
1714Sainte-Anne-De-La-Perade, QcJ.-Baptiste DessureauM.-Jeanne Baribeault
1718Batiscan, QcFrancois DessureauxElisabeth Bertrand
1721Laval, QcLouis Simon-TourangeauMarie Dessureaux
1740Jean-Baptiste LajeunesseMarie-Renee Dessureau
1740Laval, QcJean-Baptiste CharlesM.-Renee Dessureau
1741Laval, QcJean BrouilletMarie-Jeanne Dessureau
1742Laval, QcLouis CharlesMadeleine Bessureau
1748Sainte-Genevieve-De-Batiscan, QcJoseph PhlemMarie-Francoise Dessureau
1749Laval, QcJean-Baptiste DessureauMarguerite Charbonneau
1751Laval, QcJean CharbonneauAngelique Dessureau
1752Sainte-Genevieve-De-Batiscan, QcAntoine Rouillard-PronovostAgathe Dessureau
1757Sainte-Genevieve-De-Batiscan, QcAlexis TiffautGenevieve Dessureau
1758Sainte-Genevieve-De-Batiscan, QcJean-Baptiste St-ArnauJosephe Dessureau
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Dessurault
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Dessurault
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Baptisms list
1680Champlain, QCM.Magdelaine Dessureau-LebourguignonF
1760Sainte-Genevieve, QCMichel Blondin-Dit-DessureaultM
1804Trois-Rivieres, QCFrancois-Leon DessuraultM
1807Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Leandre DessureauM
1835Trois-Rivieres, QCCharles-Edouard DessureaultM
1836Saint-Lin, QCM.Anatalie DessureauF
1836Saint-Lin, QCMarguerite DessureauF
1838Saint-Lin, QCJ.Isai DessureauM
1839Saint-Lin, QCScholastique DessureauF
1840Saint-Lin, QCMarie DessureauF
1842Saint-Lin, QCNarcisse DessureauM
1843Saint-Lin, QCJean-Baptiste DessureauM
1844Saint-Lin, QCM.Exias DessurauM
1845Saint-Lin, QCPierre-Alphee DessurauM
1846Saint-Lin, QCNarcisse DessurauM
1847Saint-Lin, QCHormisdas DessureauM
1848Saint-Lin, QCAngele DessureauF
1849Saint-Lin, QCCecile DessurauF
1850Saint-Lin, QCIsaiee Dessurau
1851Saint-Lin, QCM.Salomee DessureauF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Dessurault
Here are some examples of burials of the family Dessurault
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Burrials list
1748Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCCatherine Dessurault
1748Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCCatherine DessureaultF
1770Sainte-Genevieve, QCMichel Blondin-Dit-Dessureault
1822Saint-Eustache, QCMathilde Dessureault
1855Champlain, QCJosephte Dessureault
1883Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCJosephine Dessurault
1885Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCGilles Dessurault
1890Sorel, QCJoseph-Leandre DessureauM
1892Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCHubert Dessurault
1894Longueuil, QCAmable Dessureau
1898Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCRomeo Dessurault
1899Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QCLeger Dessurault
1903Shawinigan, QCDonat DessuraultM
1904Champlain, QCJ.Alphonse-Norbert DessureaultM
1905Shawinigan, QCJoseph DessuraultM
1906Shawinigan, QCMarie-Elmire-Aurore DessureaultF
1909Shawinigan, QCHermenie DessureaultF
1911Shawinigan, QCJeanne DessureaultF
1912Shawinigan, QCMarie-Paula Dessureau
1915Shawinigan, QCMarie-Cecile Dessureault
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Dessurault

François Dessureaux was born circa 1631 in St-Pantaléon, Saone-et-Loire, France. Son of Jean and Anne Poraux-Poiriau, he married Marie Bouart-Board, on March 3, 1672, the exact location of the marriage is unknown. However, we know it is in the territory we know called the province of Quebec. Marie is the daughter of François Bouart and Jacqueline Bilaude. She is also the widow of Jacques Antrade. From this union where born 7 children. Since this pionneer was maintaining a low profile, we do not know much on his whereabouts. In 1681, he owned a 3 acres of land in Bastican, where he lived. He died on March 20, 1688 and was buried the next day.
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Origin of name Dessurault

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Celebrities of the family Dessurault

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