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Desailliers family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Desailliers
Our database contains 43 records of marriages of the family Desailliers, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1847Jean BrissonHenriette DesailliersQuebec, Qc
1866Hilaire DesailliersVirginie MarcouxQuebec, Qc
1883Augustin BellevilleCaroline DesailliersJoliette, Qc
1886Treffle DesailliersGeorgiana-Excelleine PageMontreal, Qc
1889Philippe CloutierAlma DesailliersSaint-Ubalde, Qc
1890Joseph DesailliersMarie-Arthemise LebelSaint-Casimir, Qc
1896Arthur GrenonLeocade DesailliersSaint-Ubalde, Qc
1896Gaudias CloutierArthemise DesailliersSaint-Ubalde, Qc
1901Theophile LiardSophie DesailliersJoliette, Qc
1908Zotique DesailliersJosephine PareSaint-Ubalde, Qc
1922Zotique DesailliersMarie-Anne PareQuebec, Qc
1933Edmond DallaireGracia DesailliersMontreal, Qc
1935Arthur DesailliersBerthe ThibaultMontreal, Qc
1940Gustave BelangerLucienne DesailliersMontreal, Qc
1940Romeo FerlandM.-Cecile DesailliersSaint-Stanislas, Qc
1943Gabriel LalondeAldea DesailliersRouyn-Noranda, Qc
1943Raoul OuelletLouise-Anna DesailliersSaint-Stanislas, Qc
1944Louis-Joseph GonnevilleBlanche DesaillliersVerdun, Qc
1945Joseph-Charles BourdonEmilienne DesailliersMontreal, Qc
1945J.-Arthur DesailliersGermaine DufourSaint-Bruno, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Desailliers
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Desailliers
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Baptisms list
1849M.Virginie Aubuchon-DesailliersFBerthierville, QC
1854M.Celanire Aubuchon-DesailliersFBerthierville, QC
1856J.Olivier Aubuchon-DesailliersMBerthierville, QC
1863M.Avelina DesailliersFBerthierville, QC
1869M.Louise-Julienne DesailliersFBerthierville, QC
1872J.Amable DesaillliersBerthierville, QC
1873Louis-Joseph-Alfred DesailliersMBerthierville, QC
1890Treffle-Octave-Albert DesailliersMBerthierville, QC
1899Alice-Bertha DesailliersFBerthierville, QC
1918Joseph-Henri-Francois DesailliersMTrois-Rivieres, QC
1921M.Rose-Aimee DesailliersFSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
1922J.Armand-Gerard DesailliersMSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
1923Charles-Borromee-Bruno DesailliersMSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
1932M.Virginie-Jeannine DesailliersFBerthierville, QC
Gelinas-M.L.Anne-Carole DesailliersMSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
J.Marcel DesailliersMSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
Marie-Germaine-Johanne DesailliersFTrois-Rivieres, QC
J.Marcel-Luc DesailliersMSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
J.Pierre-Andre DesailliersMSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
Joseph-Michel-Andre DesailliersMTrois-Rivieres, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Desailliers
Here are some examples of burials of the family Desailliers
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Burrials list
1888Genevieve DesailliersJoliette, QC
1889Helie DesailliersJoliette, QC
1892Norbert-Bourgeois DesailliersJoliette, QC
1897Josephine DesailliersJoliette, QC
1921Anonyme DesailliersSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
1925Emma DesailliersSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
1927Olevine DesailliersSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
1935Maj DesailliersAlbanel, QC
1937Eph DesailliersAlbanel, QC
1939Anonyme DesailliersMMontreal, QC
1945Cyprien DesailliersBecancour, QC
1946Irene DesailliersSaint-Barthelemy, QC
1955Anonyme-Fils-Naissant DesailliersSaint-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
1966Ovida-Victoire DesailliersSaint-Gabriel, QC
1977Joseph DesailliersAlbanel, QC
1980Lomer DesailliersSaint-Gabriel, QC
1981Viateur DesailliersSaint-Gabriel, QC
1983M.Marthe DesailliersSaint-Gabriel, QC
1984Yvonne DesailliersSaint-Gabriel, QC
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Pioneer of the family Desailliers

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Origin of name Desailliers

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Celebrities of the family Desailliers

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