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Origin of name Depaty

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Marriages of the family Depaty
Our database contains 43 records of marriages of the family Depaty, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1700Repentigny, QcJean-Baptiste Forget-DespatyJeanne Beaudoin-Baudoin
1720Laval, QcRene Caille-CayetBarbe Forget
1724Montreal, QcPierre ForgetMarie-Louise Charpentier
1729Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste Forget-DepatyAnne Forand
1732Lachenaie, QcPhilippe CharbonneauCharlotte Depaty
1734Lachenaie, QcNicolas PicardMarie Forget
1757Saint-Antoine-Sur-Richelieu, QcClaude DepatyMarie-Anne Meunier
1762Montreal, QcJoseph Forget-DepatyMadeleine Masson
1765Saint-Antoine-Sur-Richelieu, QcJean PhaneufCatherine Depaty
1781Montreal, QcAlexis GosselinMarie-Josephte Depaty
1782Terrebonne, QcAugustin AlarieTherese Forget
1784Francois MonetMarie-Joseph Forget-Depaty
1788Quebec, QcMichel DepatyMarguerite Desroches
1790Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines, QcIgnace LebeauFrancoise Forget
1794Montreal, QcMichel Forget-DepatyCatherine Gadoua
1801Montreal, QcGermain LefebvreMarie-Louise Forget
1802Yamachiche, QcJoseph GodinMarie Audet-Lapointe
1805Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines, QcNicolas DuclosMarguerite Forget
1807Lachenaie, QcFrancois Forget-DepatisFrancoise Hebert
1807Terrebonne, QcAugustin ForgetM-Josephte Limoges
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Depaty
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Depaty
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Baptisms list
1727Lachenaie, QCCatherine DepatyF
1730Lachenaie, QCMarianne DepatyF
1735Lachenaie, QCMarie-Anne-Amable Forget-DepatyF
1740Repentigny, QCPierre DepatyM
1771Saint-Eustache, QCApolline Depaty
1773Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Catherine Depaty
1791Saint-Eustache, QCJean-Baptiste Forget-Dit-Depaty
1793Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Amable Forget-Dit-Depaty
1797Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Anne Forgette-Dit-Depaty
1807Lachenaie, QCSophie Depati-ForgetF
1808Lachenaie, QCAdelaide Depati-ForgetF
1808Lachenaie, QCLouis DepatiM
1809Lachenaie, QCGedeon Forget-DepatiM
1811Lachenaie, QCMarguerite DepatiF
1811Lachenaie, QCNarcisse Forget-DepatiM
1814Lachenaie, QCM.Scolastique Forgette-DepatyF
1816Longueuil, QCCyriaque Forgette-Dit-DepatyM
1816Lachenaie, QCAugustin Forgette-DepatyM
1817Lachenaie, QCProspere-Bernardin Forgette-DepatyM
1817Lachenaie, QCMarcelline Forgette-DepatyF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Depaty
Here are some examples of burials of the family Depaty
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Burrials list
1730Lachenaie, QCLouis Depaty
1730Lachenaie, QCPierre-Louis Forget-DepatyM
1733Lachenaie, QCJean-Baptiste Forget-DepatyM
1734Lachenaie, QCMagdeleine Depaty
1734Lachenaie, QCMadeleine Froget-DepatyF
1740Lachenaie, QCLouis Forget-DepatyM
1743Lachenaie, QCMarguerite Forget-DepatyF
1772Saint-Eustache, QCApolline Depaty
1774Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Catherine Depaty
1784Lachenaie, QCJean Depaty
1792Lachenaie, QCCharlotte Forget-DepatyF
1796Saint-Eustache, QCAgathe Depaty
1807Lachenaie, QCSophie Depati-Forget
1813Lachenaie, QCCharles Forget-Depati
1815Lachenaie, QCMonique Forgette-Depaty
1816Lachenaie, QCAugustin Forgette-Depaty
1817Lachenaie, QCProspere-Bernardin Forgette-Depaty
1817Lachenaie, QCTheotiste Forgette-Depaty
1817Lachenaie, QCVictoire Forgette-Depaty
1819Lachenaie, QCBathilde-Eleonore Depaty
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Depaty

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Celebrities of the family Depaty

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