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Day family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Damboise, Dambremont, Dambroise, Damphous, Damphouse, Damphousse, Dancause, Dancose, Dandenault, Dandeneau, Dandeneault, Dandoneau, Dandonneau, Dandurand, Dandurand-Marcheterre, Dandurant, Dandy, Danforth, Dangelo, Danglade, Danjou, Danjou, Dansereau, De, Dea, Deacon, Dean, Deane, Deangelis, De-Angelis, Dearborn, Dearden, Dease, Debeaumont, De-Beaumont, Debellefeuille, De-Bellefeuille, Debien, Debigare, Debilly, De-Billy, Deblois, Deblois, Deblois, De-Blois, Deblois-Gregoire, De-Boer, Deboisbriand, Debonville, Debray, De-Breyne, Debussat-St-Germain, Decaen, De-Caen, Decaire, Decarie, Decarufel, De-Carufel, Decary, Decelle, Decelles, De-Celles, Decelles-Duclos, De-Cesare, Dechaine, Dechambre, Dechamplain, De-Champlain, Dechamplain-Volant, Dechamps, Dechant, Dechantal, De-Chantal, Dechantigny, De-Charette, Dechatelet, De-Chatigny, Dechene, Dechenes, Dechesne, De-Chevigny, Decker, Decock, Decoeur, Decosse, Decoste, De-Coste, Decoster, Decoteau, Decotret, De-Cotret, Decouagne, Decourcy, De-Courcy, Decourval, De-Courval, Decousse, Dedame, De-Denus, Dee, Deegan, Deer, De-Ernsted, Defalco, Defayette, Defond, Deforge, Defoy, De-Foy, De-Francesco, Degagne, Degagne, De-Gagne, Degan, Degarie, Degongre, Degonzague, De-Gonzague, Degrace, De-Grace, Degrandmaison, De-Grandmaison, Degrandmont, De-Grandmont, Degrandpre, De-Grandpre, Degranpre, Degray, Degre, Degres, De-Gruchy, Deguire, Deguire, De-Guire, Deguire-Desrosiers, Deguire-Larose, Deguise, Deguise, De-Guise, Deguise-Flamand, Dehaitre, Dehetre, Dejardin, Dejean, Dejordy, Dekoninck, Delabarre, Delachevrotiere, De-Lachevrotiere, De-La-Chevrotiere, Deladurantaye, De-Ladurantaye, De-La-Durantaye, Delafontaine, Delafontaine, De-Lafontaine, De-La-Fontaine, Delage, Delage-Lafleur, Delage-Lariviere, Delage-Lavigueur, Delagrave, Delainey, Delaire, Delamarre, Delambre, Delamirande, De-Lamirande, Deland, Delande, Delaney, Delangis, De-Langis, Delany, De-Laplante, Delaquis, Delaroche, Delaronde, Delarosbil, Delasablonniere, De-Lasablonniere, De-La-Sablonniere, De-Lasalle, Delaunais, Delaunay, De-Launay, Delauniere, De-Launiere, Delaurier, Delay, Del-Col, Delcourt, Delehanty, De-L-Etoile, Delfosse, Del-Guidice, Delichte, Deline, Delinel, Delinelle, Delisle, Dell, Delli-Colli, Delmaire, Delmonte, Delongchamp, Delongchamps, Delorey, Delorimier, De-Lorimier, Delorme, Delorme, Delorme-Lemay, Delottinville, De-Lottinville, Delpe, Deluca, De-Luca, Delude, Delvaux, Delvecchio, Del-Vecchio, Delwaide, De-Maisonneuve, Demanche, Demange, Demarais, Demarble, Demarbre, De-Marchi, De-Martigny, Deme, De-Melo, Demers, Demers, Demers, Demers-Dumais, Demers-Dumay, Demers-Dumets, Demeule, Demeules, Demey, Demick, Demings, Demontigny, Demontigny, De-Montigny, Demore, Dempsey, Dempster, Demuy, Denaud, Denault, Deneau, Deneault, Deneault-Daneau, Denechaud, Deneka, Denette, Denevers, Deniau, Denicourt, Deniger, Denis, Denis, Denis-Damee, Denis-Kimper, Denis-Lapierre, Denis-Laporte, Denison, Denis-St-Denis, De-Niverville, Denman, Denneny, Dennie, Dennis, Dennison, Denny, De-Nobile, Denome, Denomme, Denommee, Denoncourt, Denonville, Denoyer, Denoyon, Densmore, Dent, Denton, Denys, De-Oliveira, Deom, Deon, Depairon, De-Palma, Depatie, Depatie-Forget, Depaty, Depaty-Forget, Depault, Depelteau, Depeyre, Depin, Depoca, Depocas, Depont, Depot, Depratto, Depre, Depres, Dequanne, Dequoy, Deragon, Deragon-Lafrance, Deraiche, Derail, De-Rainville, Deranleau, Deraps, Derasp, Deraspe, Derby, Derepentigny, Derepentigny, De-Repentigny, Derick, De-Rico, Deriger, Derive, Deroche, Derocher, Deroches, Derochie, Deroin, Derome, Derome, Derome-Descarreaux, De-Rosa, Derosby, Derosier, Derosiers, Derosiers-Lafreniere, Derouchie, Derouin, Deroy, De-Roy, Derrick, Deruchie, Dery, Desabrais, Desailliers, Desallier, Desalliers, Desantis, De-Santis, Desaulnier, Desaulniers, Desaulniers, Desaulniers-Lesieur, Desaultels, Desautel-Lapointe, Desautels, Desautels, Desautels-Lapointe, Desbarats, Desbecquets, Desbien, Desbiens, Desbois, Descarie, Descaries, Descarreaux, Descarries, Descary, Descent, Deschaine, Deschaines, Deschambault, Deschambeault, Deschamplain, Deschamps, Deschamps-Henault, Deschatelets, Deschatelets-Pinault, Deschenaux, Deschene, Descheneau, Descheneaux, Deschenes, Deschenes, Deschenes-Miville, Deschesne, Deschesnes, Desclos, Descoeurs, Descombes, Descormiers, Descoste, Descostes, Descoteau, Descoteaux, Descoteaux, Descotes, Descroiselles, De-Senneville, Deserre, De-Serre, Deserres, De-Serres, Deseve, Deseve, De-Seve, Deseves, Desfayettes, Desfonds, Desforges, Desforges-Picard, Desforges-St-Maurice, Desfosses, Desfosses-St-Louis, Desgagne, Desgagnes, Desgens, Desgent, Desgranges, Desgreniers, Desgres, Desgroseillers, Desgroseilliers, Deshaies, Deshaies-St-Cyr, Deshaies-Tourigny, Deshais, Deshaitres, Desharnais, Deshayes, Deshetres, Deshornais, Desiel-Labreche, Desilet, Desilets, Desilets-Mousseau, De-Silva, De-Simone, Desindes, Desir, Desjardin, Desjardins, Desjardins, Desjardins-Roy, Desjarlais, Desjarlets, Desjean, Deslandes, Deslandes-Champigny, Deslaurier, Deslauriers, Deslauriers, Deslauriers-Legault, Deslieres, Deslierres, Deslippe, Deslippes, Desloges, Deslongchamp, Deslongchamps, Desloriers, Desmaisons, Desmanche, Desmanches, Desmarais, Desmarchais, Desmarets, Desmarquis, Desmarteau, Desmarteaux, Desmet, Desmeules, Desmond, Desmoulins, Desnoyer, Desnoyers, Desnoyers-Desmarais, Desorcy, Desorcy-Lincourt, Desormeau, Desormeaux, Desormeaux-Monciau, Desormier, Desormiers, Desormiers-Cusson, Desourdie, Desourdis, Desourdy, De-Sousa, Despard, Desparois, Desparois-Champagne, Despars, Desparts, Despatie, Despaties, Despaties-Forget, Despatis, Despault, Despins, Desplaines, Despocas, Desponts, Despot, Despots, Despres, Despres-Couillard, Desprez, Desputeau, Desputeaux, Desranleau, Desrivieres, Des-Rivieres, Desroberts, Desroch, Desroche, Desrocher, Desrochers, Desrochers, Desrochers-Brien, Desroches, Desrosby, Desroses, Desrosier, Desrosiers, Desrosiers, Desrosiers-Dargis, Desrosiers-Dutremble, Desrosiers-Lafreniere, Desrosiers-Laniel, Desrosiers-Patoine, Desrues, Desruisseaux, Des-Ruisseaux, Dessaint, Dessaints, Dessaint-Saint-Pierre, Dessaint-St-Pierre, Dessane, Dessein, Desseingue, Dessein-St-Pierre, Desserres, Dessert, Dessurault, Dessureau, Dessureault, Dessureaux, Desterres, Destrampes, Destrempe, Destrempes, Destroismaisons, Destroismaisons, Destroismaisons-Pic, Destroismaisons-Picard, Desvoyaux, Desvoyaux-Laframboise, Desy, Detilly, De-Tilly, Detonnancour, De-Tonnancour, Detonnancourt, Dettling, Dettmers, Devaney, Devany, Devarennes, Devarennes, De-Varennes, Devault, Devaux, Deveau, Deveau-Jolicoeur, Deveault, Deveaux, Dever, Devereaux, Devereux, Devillers, De-Villers, De-Villiers, Devin, Devine, Devito, De-Vito, Devlieger, Devlin, Devos, Devost, Devot, Devouge, Devoy, Devoyau, Devoyau-Laframboise, Devoyault, Devoyeaux, Dew, Dewan, Dewar, Dewey, Dewitt, De-Witt, Dexter, Dextradeur, Dextras, Dextrase, Dextraze, Dezainde, Dezan, Deziel, Deziel-Labreche, Dezy
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Marriages of the family Day
Our database contains 368 records of marriages of the family Day, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1787Quebec, QcJohn DayFanny Edwards
1815Quebec, QcAlexis PoulinMarie-Genevieve Day
1816Quebec, QcLewis DayMarie-Anne Marin
1823Sheffield, NbElisha DayJane Acker
1823Sheffield, NbElisha DayJane Acker
1824Carleton, QcPierre DayMarguerite Allard
1824Quebec, QcJohn DayAnn Dunn
1825Quebec, QcJames WhyteAnne Day
1826Quebec, QcJean DeyEmilia Raymond
1828Quebec, QcGeorge DayBridget Lee
1830Carleton, QcEdouard DayLouise Comeau
1831Montreal, QcFrancois-Xavier DayClaire Auger
1832Petit-Rocher, NbJohn RussellEllen Day
1832Quebec, QcMichael KennyElisabeth Day
1832Quebec, QcGeorge SuttonEleanor Day
1833Quebec, QcWilliam DayHenriette Girard
1834Quebec, QcJames DevineMargaret Day
1836Paspebiac, QcGeorges AnezMaria Day
1841Quebec, QcHenry DayLynox-Mari Read
1841Montreal, QcJacques-Louis BurrellMary-Ann Day
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Day
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Day
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Baptisms list
1826Carleton, QCJulienne DayF
1828Carleton, QCZoe DayF
1829Paspebiac, QCJames DayM
1829Carleton, QCPierre-Stanislas DayM
1831Carleton, QCMartin DayM
1832Paspebiac, QCHelene DayF
1833Carleton, QCHelene DayF
1834Carleton, QCMarie-Anne DayF
1834Paspebiac, QCWilliam DayM
1835Carleton, QCDavid DayM
1836Carleton, QCCharles DayM
1837Paspebiac, QCJames DayM
1837Paspebiac, QCMarie-Anne DayF
1838Carleton, QCEuphrosine DayF
1838Carleton, QCPhilomene DayF
1840Port-Daniel, QCBarba DayF
1840Carleton, QCMaurice DayM
1841Carleton, QCPhilomene DayF
1842Carleton, QCEdouard DayM
1843Port-Daniel, QCJane DayF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Day
Here are some examples of burials of the family Day
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Burrials list
1826Sorel, QCElizabeth DayF
1834Paspebiac, QCDenis DayM
1840Carleton, QCPhilomene DayF
1850Sherbrooke, QCEllen DayF
1850New-Richmond, QCDavid DayM
1851Richmond, QCThomas DayM
1852Sherbrooke, QCWilliam DayM
1857Stanstead, QCJoshua DayM
1865Sorel, QCEmma DayF
1866Carleton, QCEdouard DayM
1873Nouvelle, QCPhilippe DayM
1874Nouvelle, QCJean-Baptiste DayM
1875Nouvelle, QCPierre DayM
1876Nouvelle, QCIsabella DayF
1880Nouvelle, QCJulienne DayF
1885New-Richmond, QCMartin DayM
1886Nouvelle, QCArthur DayM
1886Nouvelle, QCErnest DayM
1886Nouvelle, QCAlbert DayM
1887Richmond, QCElizabeth-Florence DayF
... and several other
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Origin of name Day

Great Great Grandfather Robert C. Day was born in England.
Great Great Grandmother Jane ? was born in Scotland.
The family moved to United States in 1881 from Ontario, Canada.
I know nothing beyond that.
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