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Daoust family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Daoust
Our database contains 5064 records of marriages of the family Daoust, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1686Guillaume DaoustMarie-Madeleine LalondeLachine, Qc
1715Pierre PilonAnne DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1715Guillaume DaoustElisabeth PilonPointe-Claire, Qc
1723Charles DaoustMarie-Angelique Sauve-Laplante
1725Thomas PilonMarie-Madeleine DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1735Claude RobillardMarie-Isabelle DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1737Pierre Daoust-Deou-VillaireMarie-Angelique Lienard-Leonard
1741Jean-Baptiste DaoustMarie-Josephte FortierPointe-Claire, Qc
1743Augustin DaoustAngelique SeguinPointe-Claire, Qc
1747Andre Poudret-LavigneMarie-Josephte DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1747Joseph-Marie DaoustMarie-Catherine Chales-Chasle-DuhamelPointe-Claire, Qc
1747Joseph DaoustMarie-Catherine ChalesPointe-Claire, Qc
1748Jacques-Joachim Labrosse-RaymondMarie-Louise DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1752Jean-Baptiste Theoret-TrioretMadeleine DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1753Francois DaoustJosephe Jamme-CarrierePointe-Claire, Qc
1753Jean-Baptiste JamesRose DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1753Augustin DaoustMarie-Marthe CharleboisPointe-Claire, Qc
1755Jacques-Philippe LabrosseMarie-Agathe-Amable DaoustPointe-Claire, Qc
1757Francois DaoustMarie-Suzanne Montpetit-Poitevin
1761Claude DaoustUrsule Jammes-CarrierePointe-Claire, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Daoust
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Daoust
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Baptisms list
1768Marie-Amable DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1768Augustin DaoustMLes-Cedres, QC
1769Angelique DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1769Archange DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1769Guillaume DaoustMSainte-Genevieve, QC
1770Luc DaoustMLes-Cedres, QC
1770Esther DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1770Francoise DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1770Marie-Francoise DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1770Marie-Amable DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1771Jean-Baptiste DaoustMSainte-Genevieve, QC
1772Francois DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1772Marguerite DaoustMLes-Cedres, QC
1773Susanne DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1773Louis-Alexis DaoustMLes-Cedres, QC
1773Jacques DaoustMSainte-Genevieve, QC
1773Guillaume DaoustMLes-Cedres, QC
1774Elisabeth DaoustFSainte-Genevieve, QC
1775Amable DaoustFLes-Cedres, QC
1776Jean-Joachim DaoustMSainte-Genevieve, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Daoust
Here are some examples of burials of the family Daoust
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Burrials list
1762Rosalie DaoustFRepentigny, QC
1763Francois DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1768Marie-Amable DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1772Therese DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1772Charle DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1772Marguerite DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1773Francois DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1773Archange DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1773Susanne DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1774Francoise DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1776Rose DaoustSainte-Genevieve, QC
1777Jean-Joachim DaoustSainte-Genevieve, QC
1777Joseph DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1778Catherine DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1779Joseph DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1782Catherine DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1782Joseph DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1782Anonyme DaoustLes-Cedres, QC
1785Joseph DaoustSainte-Genevieve, QC
1785Thomas-Hyacinthe DaoustSainte-Genevieve, QC
... and several other
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Origin of name Daoust

Bourdeau France 1482
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