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Da family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Dabin, Dabonville, Dabrowski, Dacey, Dacier, Da-Costa, Dacquay, Dacres, Dady, Dagelman, Dagenais, Dagesse, Dagg, Daggett, Dagnault, Dagnault-Laprise, Dagneau, Dagneau-Laprise, Dagneault, Dagneault-Laprise, Daguerre, Dahl, Daigle, Daignault, Daigneau, Daigneault, Dailleboust, Daily, Dakin, Dalaire, Dalbec, Dalcour, Dalcourt, Dale, Daley, Dall, Dallaire, Dallaire, Dalpe, Dalpe, Dalpe-Pariseau, Dalpe-Parizeau, Dalphond, Dalrymple, Dalterio, Dalton, Daly, Dalziel, Dam, Damato, Dame, Damiani, Damico, Damien, Damiens, Damon, Damour, Damour, Damours, Damours, Damours-Courberon, Danaher, Danais, Daneau, Daneault, Daniau, Daniel, Daniel-Murray, Daniels, Danielson, Danis, Dany, Daoust, Daoust, Daout, Da-Ponte, Daprato, Da-Prato, Dapratto, Daragon, Daragon-Lafrance, Daraiche, Darby, Darbyson, Darche, Darcy, Dargie, Dargis, Dargy, Daris, Darisse, Darling, Darlington, Darois, Darpentigny, Darragh, Darragon, Darrah, Darraugh, Darsigny, Darveau, Dasilva, Da-Silva, Dasilva-Portugais, Dassylva, Dassylva-Portugais, Dastous, Dastous, Dasylva, Da-Sylva, Daveluy, Daveluy-Larose, Davenport, Davey, Daviau, Daviault, David, David-Lacourse, Davidson, Davie, Davies, Davignon, Davignon-Beauregard, Davis, Davison, Davy, Dawe, Dawson, Daze
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Marriages of the family Da
Here are some examples of marriages of the family Da
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Marriages list
1855Quebec, QcWilliam DawBridget Gleenen
1856Rawdon, QcOctave Germain-BelisleMargaret-Jane Daly
1864Alexandria, OnXavier Da-PratoEsterre Amlin
1889Montreal, QcLuigi Da-PratoAlice Huberdeau
1905Saint-Robert, QcJoseph NadeauMathilde Maclure
1905Montreal, QcIdor LariviereZelia Dasylva
1906Port-Greville, NsJames DawMinnie Welch
1906Montreal, QcMagloire Da-PratoMarie-Joseph Lalonde
1912Montreal, QcJ.-Francois Da-Silva-PortugaisMarie-Albina Chaput
1912Montreal, QcAntoine-Elphege-Bonaventu Da-SylvaMarie-Victoire-Delvina Hotte
1913Alexandria, OnRaphael Da-PratoDenise Lacombe
1914Ottawa, OnAlbert Da-SylvaAlma Valiquette
1915Montreal, QcEmilio Da-SylvaElise Chayer
1916Alexandria, OnAndre LauzonMonica Da-Prato
1919Alexandria, OnHenri BissonClemence Da-Prato
1920Montreal, QcArthur TessierMarie-Antoinette-Claire Da-Prato
1920La-Baie, QcJoseph DassylvaJeannette Girard
1921Montreal, QcFrancesco Di-TomassoRosalia Da-L-Alba
1922Alexandria, OnArthur LauzonM.-Ida Da-Prato
1924Montreal, QcCleophas KirouacMarie-Dorila Da-Sylva
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Da
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Da
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Baptisms list
Shawinigan-Sud, QCJ.Michael Vieira-Da-LuzM
Shawinigan, QCDavid-Michael Da-CostaM
Shawinigan, QCMarcello Alvarez-Da-SilvaM
Shawinigan, QCAndrew-Louis Da-CostaM
La-Prairie, QCTony-Miguel Da-CostaM
Sherbrooke, QCMichael-Machado Da-SilvaM
Saint-Hubert, QCJoseph-Jeffrey-Jay Da-SilvaM
Sorel, QCJoseph-Feliciane Da-SilvaM
Saint-Hubert, QCFilipe-Dany Pinheiro-Da-SilvaM
Saint-Damien, QCSilva-J.Lucien-Mark-Justin Da
Saint-Hubert, QCMarie-Nadia Da-Silva-CournoyerF
Lennoxville, QCJoseph-Anthony-Michael Da-SilvaM
Saint-Hubert, QCMarie-Myriam Cournoyer-Da-SilvaF
Saint-Hubert, QCMarie-Myriam Da-SilvaF
Saint-Hubert, QCPascale-Karina Da-SilvaF
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Burials of the family Da
Here are some examples of burials of the family Da
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Burrials list
1972Lennoxville, QCUlalie Da-ConceicaoF
1987Sainte-Adele, QCPatricia Guay-Hollinger-Da-SylvaM
1991Sainte-Adele, QCOlivier Guay-Hollinger-Da-SilvaM
1991Lennoxville, QCAlda-Maria Da-SilvaF
1993Longueuil, QCAna Barbosa-Da-Silva
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Pioneer of the family Da

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Origin of name Da

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Celebrities of the family Da

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