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Pioneer of the family Cliche

Nicolas Cliche was born and baptized on July 8, 1645 in St-Quentin, Aisne, France. Son of Nicolas and Catherine Poete, he married Marie-Madeleine Pelletier, daughter of Georges and Catherine Vanier, on October 13, 1675 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré. They had 7 children. In 1672, he was a servant. He fled to Percé after stealing 5 rifles to his employer. He was caught and brought back to Québec and was sentenced to give back the rifles, to pay a fine for money and lost time. He decided to stay in Quebec and became a gunsmith and a master locksmith. He died in Quebec and was buried there on December 23, 1687.
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Marriages of the family Cliche
Our database contains 1675 records of marriages of the family Cliche, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1675Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre, QcNicolas ClicheMarie-Madeleine Pelletier
1698Quebec, QcNicolas-Jean DenisMarie-Madeleine Cliche
1709Quebec, QcClaude ClicheCatherine Duncan-Dunkin-Danquin
1711Charlesbourg, QcVincent ClicheMarie-Anne Choret
1728Quebec, QcClaude ClicheMarie-Josephe Dubois
1733Quebec, QcJoseph CaronCatherine Cliche
1734Charlesbourg, QcLouis-Vincent ClicheMarie-Madeleine Auclair
1739Charlesbourg, QcIgnace ClicheMarie-Jeanne Regneault
1742Charlesbourg, QcPierre JobinMarie-Anne Cliche
1744Quebec, QcCharles AmyotMarie-Josephte Cliche
1746Charlesbourg, QcClaude PoulinMarguerite Cliche
1746Charlesbourg, QcAndre PoulinCharlotte Cliche
1746Charlesbourg, QcJean ClicheMarie-Jeanne Verret
1747Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre, QcJoseph ClicheGenevieve Giguere
1750L'ange-Gardien, QcJoseph ClicheCatherine Marois
1752Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre, QcFrancois ClicheMarie-Dorothee Pare
1760Charlesbourg, QcAlexis SevinMarie-Louise Cliche
1770Charlesbourg, QcJean-Baptiste MartelMarie Cliche
1770Charlesbourg, QcAlexis BedardMarie-Francoise Cliche
1771Charlesbourg, QcJean ClicheGenevieve Bourbeau
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Cliche
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Cliche
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Baptisms list
1866Compton, QCJean-Narcisse ClicheM
1866Saint-Hermenegilde, QCLeon-Narcisse ClicheM
1871Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCPierre ClicheM
1901Thetford-Mines, QCJos.Edouard-Ernest ClicheM
1902Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJos.Albert-Benoni ClicheM
1904Thetford-Mines, QCJos.Emile-Philippe ClicheM
1906Bromptonville, QCMarie-Laura ClicheF
1906Thetford-Mines, QCJos.Donat ClicheM
1908Lac-Megantic, QCJoseph-Charles-Edouard ClicheM
1908Martinville, QCMarie-Clara-Alma ClicheF
1909Lac-Megantic, QCJoseph-Romeo-Charles-Edouard ClicheM
1910Martinville, QCJoseph-Louis-Philippe ClicheM
1910Thetford-Mines, QCJos.Louis-Philippe ClicheM
1912Compton, QCMarie-Germaine-Annette ClicheF
1912Thetford-Mines, QCM.Ange-Rose-Anna Cliche
1913Longueuil, QCAline-Marie-Marguerite ClicheF
1913Sherbrooke, QCJ.Paul-Emile ClicheM
1914Compton, QCMarie-Irene-Marthe ClicheF
1914Lac-Megantic, QCMarie-Paule-Annette-Jeannine ClicheF
1915Thetford-Mines, QCJos.Georges-Henri ClicheM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Cliche
Here are some examples of burials of the family Cliche
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Burrials list
1867Compton, QCAnonyme Cliche
1874Thurso, QCCatherine ClicheF
1880Saint-Barthelemy, QCRosalie Cliche
1880Saint-Barthelemy, QCRosalie ClicheF
1883Windsor, QCMichel ClicheM
1883Weedon, QCMathilde ClicheF
1890Sherbrooke, QCSophie ClicheF
1891Sherbrooke, QCModeste ClicheF
1898Saint-Camille, QCPhilomene ClicheF
1901Saint-Hyacinthe, QCJ-Alfred Cliche
1908Bromptonville, QCJoseph ClicheM
1908Bromptonville, QCEva ClicheF
1908Lac-Megantic, QCJoseph-Charles-Edouard ClicheM
1910Saint-Zacharie, QCExerina ClicheF
1912Sherbrooke, QCOlive ClicheF
1915Bromptonville, QCLaura ClicheF
1916Lac-Megantic, QCAnonyme ClicheM
1919East-Angus, QCAlice ClicheF
1923Weedon, QCFrancois ClicheM
1925Weedon, QCJoseph-Gilbert-Noel ClicheM
... and several other
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Origin of name Cliche

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