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Cleary family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Cleary

James Cleary, son of James Cleary and Elizabeth Synott, was born around 1821 in Ireland. He married Bridget Tenpenny, an Irish born in Quebec around 1843. Married in 1861, they settled down in the Outaouais, where they had 8 children. James died between 1877 and 1881.
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Origin of name Cleary

CLEARY - English version of the Gaelic name Ó Cléirigh, which means grandson of the cleric.
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Marriages of the family Cleary
Our database contains 372 records of marriages of the family Cleary, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1806Quebec, QcGeorge WillisMary Cleary
1830Montreal, QcWilliam Mc-MullanMary Kelly
1831Quebec, QcPatrick ByrneEllen Cleary
1832Montreal, QcMichael ClearyCatherine Halfpenny
1834Sainte-Catherine-De-La-Jacques-Cartier, QcArthur Mc-ClintockEllen Cleary
1835Montreal, QcThomas Mc-CarthyCatherine Wilson
1835Montreal, QcJames Mc-ShaneMary Cleary
1836Sherbrooke, QcJohn Ford-ColbyMary Mc-Cleary
1836Quebec, QcCharles ClearyCatherine Fitzgerald
1838Saint-Sylvestre, QcJames MaguireEllen Kelly
1838Cap-Sante, QcMichael ClearyMarie-Anne Marcotte
1839Montreal, QcTimothy ClearyMaria O-Connell
1839Buckingham, QcMichael ClearySara Heenan
1840Quebec, QcHugh ArmstrongBridget Cleary
1840Saint-Edouard-De-Frampton, QcJames FarrelBridget Clary
1842Saint-Sylvestre, QcThomas MoranIsabelle Cleary
1842Montreal, QcDaniel ClearyMary Russell
1843Sainte-Catherine-De-La-Jacques-Cartier, QcDenis ShanahanAnn Cleary
1844Montreal, QcMichael HortonJudith Cleary
1844Lachine, QcJobin ClearyBridget Laughran
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Cleary
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Cleary
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Baptisms list
1829Drummondville, QCJohn-Alexander Mc-ClearyM
1829Drummondville, QCHelen Mc-ClearyF
1830Drummondville, QCEliza-Maria Mc-ClearyF
1839Buckingham, QCJean ClearyM
1859Saint-Jerome, QCHelene ClearyF
1868Maria, QCAlbert ClearyM
1871Cantley, QCJohana ClearyF
1872Maria, QCPierre-Francois ClearyM
1872Cantley, QCJohn ClearyM
1875Sherbrooke, QCMary-Anny ClearyF
1875Cantley, QCMichael ClearyM
1877Cantley, QCRichard ClearyM
1878Sherbrooke, QCMaud-Emma ClearyF
1880Sherbrooke, QCWilliam-Kirnau ClearyM
1881Maria, QCLouisa ClearyF
1881Sherbrooke, QCElisabeth-Blanche ClearyF
1883Maria, QCElisabeth-Jane ClearyF
1884Dixville, QCJohn-Francis ClearyM
1885Maria, QCDavid ClearyM
1887Maria, QCIda ClearyF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Cleary
Here are some examples of burials of the family Cleary
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Burrials list
1872Maria, QCAnny ClearyF
1872Maria, QCPierre-Francois ClearyM
1880Maria, QCPatrick ClearyM
1885Sherbrooke, QCJohn-Thomas ClearyM
1885Cantley, QCRichard ClearyM
1888Mayo, QCHannibal-Charles ClearyM
1900Wakefield, QCMarguerite ClearyF
1903Shawinigan, QCMarguerite ClearyF
1917Saint-Jules, QCThomas-Francis ClearyM
1920Saint-Jules, QCJane ClearyF
1921Windsor, QCConstant-Edward ClearyM
1923Sherbrooke, QCAnna-L ClearyF
1926Richmond, QCThomas ClearyM
1933Saint-Jules, QCJohn ClearyM
1937Montreal, QCWilliam ClearyM
1943Cookshire, QCMaria-Jane ClearyF
1946Mirabel, QCBerthy ClearyF
1947Longueuil, QCMargaret Cleary
1957Sherbrooke, QCArthur-Sarsfield ClearyM
1957Windsor, QCPeter ClearyM
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Cleary

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