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Chavigny family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Origin of name Chavigny

The De Chavigny family comes from France. They came to Quebec in the 1600's. They were a Noble family in France and were called Sir and Dame.
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Marriages of the family Chavigny
Our database contains 83 records of marriages of the family Chavigny, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1641FRAFrancois Chavigny-De-Chavigny-De-LachevrotiereEleonore De-Grandmaison
1656Quebec, QcThomas Douaire-De-BondyMarguerite De-Chavigny
1660Quebec, QcCharles AmiotGenevieve De-Chavigny
1662Quebec, QcJean Lemoyne-De-Sainte-MarieMarie-Madeleine De-Chavigny
1667Quebec, QcEtienne Landron-LanderonElisabeth De-Chavigny
1668Quebec, QcRene BretonCharlotte De-Chavigny
1671Quebec, QcJacques-Alexis De-Fleury-D-EschambaultMarie-Marguerite De-Chavigny
1675Quebec, QcFrancois Chavigny-De-Chavigny-De-LachevrotiereAntoinette-Charlotte De-L-Hopital
1680Quebec, QcJean-Baptiste Couillard-De-L-EspinayGenevieve De-Chavigny
1696Quebec, QcPierre DupontLouise De-Chavigny-Lachevrotieres
1699Beauport, QcFrancois ChavignyGenevieve Guyon
1709Quebec, QcJean GironCharlotte De-Chavigny
1718Beauport, QcFrancois ChevalierElizabeth Chavigny
1724Deschambault, QcJoseph-Marie Hamelin-PlagnolGenevieve De-Chavigny-De-Lachevroti
1739Deschambault, QcHenry ArnaudMarie-Marguerite Chavigny
1748Deschambault, QcPierre ArcandLisette Chavigny
1756Lotbiniere, QcJoseph-Antoine ChamplainMarguerite Chavigny
1766Vercheres, QcFrancois GuertinMarie-Catherine Chevigny
1768Deschambault, QcAugustin ChavignyMarie-Rose Mathieu
1768Deschambault, QcJoachim ChavignyMarie-Josephte Hamelin
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Chavigny
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Chavigny
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Baptisms list
Amos, QCM-Therese-Francine ChavignyF
Champneuf, QCM-Francoise-Cecile-Georgette ChavignyF
Champneuf, QCM-Yvette-Yolande ChavignyF
Amos, QCJ-Sylvain ChavignyM
La-Motte, QCM-Georgette-Nicole ChavignyF
La-Motte, QCM-Marcelle-Diane ChavignyF
La-Motte, QCJ-Edgar-Jean-Pierre ChavignyM
La-Motte, QCJ-Jean-Roger ChavignyM
La-Motte, QCJ-Paul-Robert ChavignyM
Amos, QCM-Nathalie-Chantal ChavignyF
La-Motte, QCM-Yvette-Johanne ChavignyF
Amos, QCJ-Claude-Mario ChavignyM
Amos, QCJ-Marcel-Eric ChavignyM
Amos, QCMartin-J-Rene ChavignyM
Amos, QCM-Martine ChavignyF
Amos, QCJ-Paul-Vincent ChavignyM
Amos, QCMonique-Karine ChavignyF
Amos, QCJ-Marcel-David ChavignyM
Amos, QCStevens-Keven ChavignyM
Amos, QCMelanie-Tamara-Christina ChavignyF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Chavigny
Here are some examples of burials of the family Chavigny
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Burrials list
1963La-Motte, QCAnonyme Chavigny
1968Amos, QCClaude ChavignyM
1968Amos, QCGerard ChavignyM
1968Amos, QCM-Alice ChavignyF
1972Amos, QCYvon ChavignyM
1972Amos, QCGuy ChavignyM
1973Amos, QCRene ChavignyM
1976Amos, QCOvila ChavignyM
1990La-Motte, QCGeorgette-Nicole ChavignyF
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Pioneer of the family Chavigny

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Celebrities of the family Chavigny

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