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Pioneer of the family Busque

Jean Busque-Busc was born in Dunkerque, Nord, France. The date of his birth remains unknown. Son of André Busque and Marie Rivet, he married Catherine-Thérèse Prieur, daughter of Joseph and Hélène Mechin on September 21, 1719 in Quebec. From this union was born, in 1720, a son. Jean Busc died before October 27, 1726, the day his widow remarried. the location of his burial remains unknown.
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Marriages of the family Busque
Our database contains 847 records of marriages of the family Busque, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1719Quebec, QcJean BusqueCatherine Prieur
1747Chateau-Richer, QcJean BusqueGenevieve Cloutier
1749Saint-Georges, QcJean-Charles BusqueMarie-Louise Rodrigue
1778Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcFrancois FortinMarie-Louise Busque
1779Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcFrancois-Marie MaheuxMarie-Josephte Busque
1783Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJean-Baptiste BusqueMarie-Marguerite Pepin-Lachance
1784Beauceville, QcJoseph RancourtMarie-Madeleine Busque
1787Beauceville, QcLouis MaheuxMarguerite Busque
1787Beauceville, QcPierre Pepin-LachanceMarie-Catherine Busque
1800Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJean-Baptiste BusqueMarie-Josephte Poulin
1800Beauceville, QcFrancois MarcouxCatherine Busque
1812Beauceville, QcPierre BusqueMarie-Josephte Dupuis-Gilbert
1814Beauceville, QcIgnace LeclercCatherine Busque
1819Beauceville, QcLeger GilbertAdee Busque
1824Beauceville, QcJoseph BusqueGenevieve Bourque
1827Beauceville, QcCharles BusqueMarcelline Lambert-Champagne
1828Beauceville, QcAugustin MercierMarie Busque
1828Beauceville, QcJoseph BusqueMarcelline Morin
1829Beauceville, QcThomas PepinJudith Busque
1830Beauceville, QcLouis BureauAngele Busque
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Busque
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Busque
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Baptisms list
1930Eaton, QCMarie-Therese-Juliette BusqueF
1934Magog, QCRoland-Yves-Jean BusqueM
1936Magog, QCMarguerite-Simon BusqueF
1936Magog, QCCharlotte-Nichol BusqueF
Magog, QCGerard-Bertrand BusqueM
Lac-Megantic, QCMarie-Dolorese-Lorette BusqueF
Magog, QCNormand-Victor-G BusqueM
Magog, QCJoseph-Marcel-Yv BusqueM
Magog, QCJean-Claude-Gast BusqueM
Nantes, QCJoseph-Rene-Raoul BusqueM
Nantes, QCMarie-Denise-Lisette BusqueF
Magog, QCLucille-Carmel-G BusqueF
Nantes, QCJoseph-Clement-Raymond BusqueM
Nantes, QCJoseph-Jean-Luc-Claude BusqueM
Magog, QCCarmen-Lisette BusqueF
Magog, QCSuzette-Michelle BusqueF
Sherbrooke, QCM.Rolande-Madeleine BusqueF
Magog, QCHector-Serge-Guy BusqueM
Sherbrooke, QCM.Micheline-Ginette BusqueF
Sherbrooke, QCAime-Andre BusqueM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Busque
Here are some examples of burials of the family Busque
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Burrials list
1794Beauceville, QCJean-Charles BusqueM
1809Beauceville, QCMarguerite BusqueF
1819Beauceville, QCM.Josephe BusqueF
1825Beauceville, QCCatherine BusqueF
1832Beauceville, QCMarie-Louise Busque-BuscF
1837Beauceville, QCJudith BusqueF
1849Beauceville, QCMadeleine BusqueF
1885Saint-Zacharie, QCMarie-Anna BusqueF
1893Sherbrooke, QCJoseph BusqueM
1899Saint-Zacharie, QCJoseph-Odule BusqueM
1902Saint-Zacharie, QCCatherine BusqueF
1913Saint-Zacharie, QCMarie-Louise BusqueF
1913Saint-Zacharie, QCAnonyme BusqueM
1916Saint-Zacharie, QCJoseph-Aime BusqueM
1919Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarcelline BusqueF
1922Nantes, QCMarie-Ange-Cecile BusqueF
1923Compton, QCClothilde BusqueF
1926Saint-Venant-de-Paquette, QCMarie-Anna BusqueF
1929Saint-Zacharie, QCBenoit-Laval BusqueM
1937Lac-Megantic, QCMarie-Dolorese BusqueF
... and several other
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Origin of name Busque

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Celebrities of the family Busque

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