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Pioneer of the family Bujold

François-Placide Bujold was born circa 1740 in Acadia. Son of Joseph and Marie-Josèphe Landry, he married Marie-Josèphe, of unknown parentage and unknown origine, circa 1773. The location of the marriage remains unknown. From this union were born 9 children. The settled in Carleton and he died on April 14, 1807. He was buried on June 16, 1807 in Bonaventure.
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Marriages of the family Bujold
Our database contains 1518 records of marriages of the family Bujold, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1695Pierre-Alain BujoldElisabeth Melanson
1720Joseph BujoldMarie-Joseph Landry
1746Joseph GauthierMarguerite Bujold
1747Paul BujoldMarie Poirier
1758Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QcJoseph ArsenaultMarguerite Bujold
1759Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QcJean-Baptiste-Cointine ArsenaultElisabeth Bujold
1763Francois-Placide BujoldMarie-Josephe Bernard
1768Charles Poirier-CommisClaire Bujold
1776Bonaventure, QcAbraham DugasMarguerite-Pelagie Bujold
1778Bonaventure, QcJoseph-Aucoq SavoieMarguerite Bujold
1779Carleton, QcJoseph DoucetVictoire Bujold
1784Bonaventure, QcSimon HenryFelicite Bujold
1785Bonaventure, QcJean-Marie BourdagesAngelique Bujold
1786Bonaventure, QcBenjamin BourdagesEsther Bujold
1787Carleton, QcJean LeblancCharlotte Bujold
1788Bonaventure, QcJoseph ArseneauMarguerite Bujold
1789Bonaventure, QcFirmin BujoldEsther Bourdages
1790Bonaventure, QcCharles BujoldMarguerite Bernier
1790Bonaventure, QcGregoire HenryMarie Bujold
1792Bonaventure, QcAthanase BoudreauElisabeth Bujold
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Bujold
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Bujold
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Baptisms list
1776Carleton, QCEtienne BujoldM
1776Carleton, QCMarthe BujoldF
1778Carleton, QCRomain BujoldM
1778Carleton, QCScholastique BujoldF
1780Carleton, QCLucille BujoldF
1780Bonaventure, QCAnastasie BujoldF
1783Carleton, QCHelene BujoldF
1785Carleton, QCGilette BujoldF
1787Carleton, QCFrederic BujoldM
1791Carleton, QCElisabeth BujoldF
1791Bonaventure, QCRaymond BujoldM
1792Bonaventure, QCEuphrosine BujoldF
1793Bonaventure, QCEsther BujoldF
1793Bonaventure, QCCyriac BujoldM
1795Bonaventure, QCGenevieve BujoldF
1795Bonaventure, QCHubert BujoldM
1797Bonaventure, QCFirmin BujoldM
1797Bonaventure, QCAntoine BujoldM
1797Carleton, QCJoseph BujoldM
1798Bonaventure, QCJulie BujoldF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Bujold
Here are some examples of burials of the family Bujold
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Burrials list
1797Bonaventure, QCMarguerite BujoldF
1801Bonaventure, QCMaurice BujoldM
1803Bonaventure, QCFelicite BujoldF
1804Bonaventure, QCCharles BujoldM
1805Carleton, QCMathurin BujoldM
1807Carleton, QCLucille BujoldF
1807Bonaventure, QCFrancois-Placide BujoldM
1808Carleton, QCFelicite BujoldF
1810Bonaventure, QCCyriac BujoldM
1810Bonaventure, QCAnastasie BujoldF
1816Bonaventure, QCRaymond BujoldM
1816Bonaventure, QCClaire BujoldF
1817Bonaventure, QCElisabeth BujoldF
1819Bonaventure, QCJulie BujoldF
1821Bonaventure, QCAnastasie BujoldF
1828Bonaventure, QCElisabeth BujoldF
1829Carleton, QCMarthe BujoldF
1830Bonaventure, QCAngele BujoldF
1830Bonaventure, QCElisabeth BujoldF
1830Bonaventure, QCFelix BujoldM
... and several other
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Origin of name Bujold

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Celebrities of the family Bujold

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