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Pioneer of the family Brideau

Jean Brideau was born circa 1659 in Montmorency, Val-d'Oise, France. Son of Jean, a carpenter, and Marthe Duclos, he married Marie Crête on April 21, 1687 in Quebec. Marie is Robert Pépin's widow and the daughter of Jean Crête and Marguerite Gaulin. They had 6 children. In 1681, he his a servant in Portneuf, then moved to Quebec and work as a carpenter. In 1693-1694, he won important contracts, including one to build gun carriages. In 1693, he had two stays at the hospital. The causes of these stays remain unknown. In died at Hôtel-Dieu Hospital of Quebec on June 7, 1699. He was buried there the same day.
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Marriages of the family Brideau
Our database contains 719 records of marriages of the family Brideau, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1687Quebec, QcJean BridaultMarie-Anne Crete
1704Quebec, QcJoseph MorinMarie-Anne Brideau
1708Beauport, QcClaude VandandaigueMarie Brideau
1716Quebec, QcRaymond GuayMarie-Francoise Brideau
1716Quebec, QcHilaire BrideauMarie-Josephe Paquet
1716Quebec, QcJean-Hilaire BrideauMarie-Josephte Paquet
1717Quebec, QcCharles Raymoneau-TourangeauMarie-Louise-Catherine Brideau
1725Quebec, QcPierre BastienLouise-Catherine-Marie-Lo Brideau
1739Saint-Michel-De-Bellechasse, QcJoseph LacroixMarie-Louise Brideau
1741Saint-Michel-De-Bellechasse, QcNoel RouillardMarie-Josephte Brideau
1753Montmagny, QcFrancois MorinMarie-Elisabeth Brideau
1754Cap-Saint-Ignace, QcJean-Hilaire BrideauMarie-Marthe Gamache
1765Quebec, QcFrancois BrideauGenevieve Martin
1772Montmagny, QcLouis ValliereAngelique Brideau
1783Saint-Ours, QcLouis CoderreUrsule Bideau-Portugal
1787Caraquet, NbLouis-Mathieu BrideauJudith-Marie Hebert
1789Caraquet, NbJean-Baptiste CareyCharlotte Brideau
1791Caraquet, NbLeon BrideauMarie Cormier
1795Caraquet, NbLeon BrideauEuphrosine Gautreau
1803Tracadie-Sheila, NbFrancois GautreauVictoire Brideau
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Brideau
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Brideau
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Baptisms list
1790Caraquet, NBLouis BrideauM
1793Caraquet, NBOsite BrideauF
1794Caraquet, NBFidele BrideauM
1795Caraquet, NBMadeleine BrideauF
1795Tracadie-Sheila, NBProsper BrideauM
1799Tracadie-Sheila, NBLouis BrideauM
1800Tracadie-Sheila, NBEuphrosine BrideauF
1801Tracadie-Sheila, NBBrigitte Marie-BrideauF
1801Tracadie-Sheila, NBLeon BrideauM
1803Tracadie-Sheila, NBJean-Baptiste BrideauM
1803Tracadie-Sheila, NBMarguerite BrideauF
1803Tracadie-Sheila, NBPierre BrideauM
1805Tracadie-Sheila, NBJoseph BrideauM
1805Tracadie-Sheila, NBTranquille BrideauM
1805Tracadie-Sheila, NBAnne BrideauF
1806Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCLucille BrideauF
1807Tracadie-Sheila, NBPaul BrideauM
1807Tracadie-Sheila, NBLaurent BrideauM
1808Tracadie-Sheila, NBFrancois BrideauM
1808Tracadie-Sheila, NBMathilde BrideauF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Brideau
Here are some examples of burials of the family Brideau
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Burrials list
1801Tracadie-Sheila, NBLouis BrideauM
1812Tracadie-Sheila, NBAugustin BrideauM
1829Tracadie-Sheila, NBLouis Mathieu-BrideauM
1830Tracadie-Sheila, NBPierre BrideauM
1830Tracadie-Sheila, NBAngele BrideauF
1853Pokemouche, NBMarie BrideauF
1855Tracadie-Sheila, NBGuillaume BrideauM
1855Tracadie-Sheila, NBLouis BrideauM
1855Tracadie-Sheila, NBLaurent BrideauM
1858Tracadie-Sheila, NBPaul-Ferdinand BrideauM
1858Tracadie-Sheila, NBVictoire BrideauF
1859Tracadie-Sheila, NBJacques BrideauM
1860Tracadie-Sheila, NBTranquille BrideauM
1860Tracadie-Sheila, NBMarguerite BrideauF
1861Tracadie-Sheila, NBPierre BrideauM
1861Tracadie-Sheila, NBMarguerite BrideauF
1862Tracadie-Sheila, NBLeon BrideauM
1862Tracadie-Sheila, NBBenoni BrideauM
1867Tracadie-Sheila, NBMichel BrideauM
1867Tracadie-Sheila, NBPhilias BrideauM
... and several other
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Origin of name Brideau

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