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Bourguignon family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Bourguignon
Our database contains 287 records of marriages of the family Bourguignon, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1636Quebec, QcJamin Bourguignon-LeprovencalClaire Morin
1667Quebec, QcPierre Bourguin-Bourgouin-BourguignonCatherine Basset
1672Batiscan, QcFrancois Dessureaux-Le-BourguignonMarie Bouart
1695Montreal, QcNicolas Perillard-BourguignonJeanne Sabourin
1695Neuville, QcJacques Bourgouin-BourguignonMarie-Jeanne Matte
1697Trois-Rivieres, QcMathieu Courrier-BourguignonMadeleine Vanasse
1697Mathieu Courrier-BourguignonMarie-Madeleine Vanasse
1700Montreal, QcPierre Couturier-BourguignonMarguerite Payet
1700Montreal, QcFrancois JournetMarie-Madeleine Deguire
1702Beauport, QcFrancois BruneauMarie-Madeleine Bourgogne
1718Laval, QcFrancois Colleret-BourguignonMarie-Marguerite-Josephte Drapeau-Laforge
1718Laval, QcFrancois Colleret-BourguignonMarie Drapeau-Dit-Laforge
1722Montreal, QcCharles Perillard-BourguignonMarie-Louise Paquet-Lavallee
1724Montreal, QcJean TessierJeanne-Angelique Perillard
1724Pointe-Claire, QcRaymond LabrosseMarie-Louise Clement
1725Saint-Laurent, QcJean-Baptiste Perillard-BourguignonMarie Papineau
1726Montreal, QcJoseph CouvretMarguerite Couturier-Bourguignon
1730Saint-Laurent, QcNicolas Perillard-BourguignonCatherine Papineau-Montigny
1731Quebec, QcLouis CluseauMarie-Francoise Bourgouin
1731Saint-Antoine-De-Tilly, QcLouis BourgouinAngelique Houde
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Bourguignon
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Bourguignon
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Baptisms list
1756Les-Cedres, QCBarbe-Clement Periard-Dit-BourguignonF
1763Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Joseph Bossua-Dit-BourguignonF
1763Nicolet, QCM.Anne BourguignonF
1764Nicolet, QCNoel-Jean-Francois BourguignonM
1766Les-Cedres, QCMarie Bossua-Dit-BourguignonF
1766Nicolet, QCM.Clair BourguignonM
1768Les-Cedres, QCM.Marguerite Bossua-Dit-BourguignonF
1769Nicolet, QCJean-Louis BourguignonM
1770Les-Cedres, QCPatient Bossua-Dit-BourguignonM
1772Nicolet, QCAntoine-Xavier BourguignonM
1773Saint-Eustache, QCJoseph Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1777Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Josephte Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1779Saint-Eustache, QCMarguerite Bourguignon
1779Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Marguerite Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1781Sorel, QCAntoine BourguignonM
1781Sainte-Genevieve, QCCharles Guigne-Dit-BourguignonM
1782Saint-Eustache, QCAmable Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1786Saint-Eustache, QCFrancois Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1787Saint-Eustache, QCJoseph Bourguignon
1788Saint-Eustache, QCAugustin Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
... and several other
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Burials of the family Bourguignon
Here are some examples of burials of the family Bourguignon
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Burrials list
1760Les-Cedres, QCAngelique Periard-Dit-Bourguignon
1763Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Joseph Bossua-Dt-Bourguignion
1769Baie-du-Febvre, QCMadeleine Courrier-BourguignonF
1769Sainte-Genevieve, QCCharles Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1769Les-Cedres, QCMarguerite Bossue-Dit-Bourguignon
1773Les-Cedres, QCMarie Bossue-Dit-Bourguignon
1773Saint-Eustache, QCJoseph Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1773Les-Cedres, QCFrancois Bossue-Dit-Bourguignon
1780Les-Cedres, QCFrancois Periard-Dit-Bourguignon
1784Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCFrancois Coyaux-Bourguignon
1784Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCPie-Stanislas Coyaux-Bourguignon
1787Saint-Eustache, QCJean-Baptiste Bourguignon
1787Saint-Eustache, QCFrancois Bourguignon
1791Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Josette Colrette-Dit-Bourguignon
1793Saint-Eustache, QCJean-Baptiste Bourguignon
1794Saint-Eustache, QCFrancois Guine-Dit-Bourguignon
1795Saint-Eustache, QCJean-Baptiste Bourguignon
1802Les-Cedres, QCAmable Bourguignon
1802Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Marguer Perillard-Dit-Bourguignon
1803Lachenaie, QCAlexis Bourguignon
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Bourguignon

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Origin of name Bourguignon

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Celebrities of the family Bourguignon

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