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Bourbonnais family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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my dad is comedian name robert bourbonnais (Ray Roberts)
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Marriages of the family Bourbonnais
Our database contains 1338 records of marriages of the family Bourbonnais, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1672Montreal, QcFrancois Brunet-BourbonnaisBarbe Beauvais
1685Quebec, QcPierre-Maieul Dumais-BourbonnaisMarie Coqueret
1689Quebec, QcPierre DuvaultMarie Merienne
1696Lachine, QcGeorges Brault-PomainvilleBarbe Brunet-Bourbonnais
1697Lachine, QcLouis Mallet-MaletJeanne Brunet-Bourbonnais
1699Lachine, QcPierre CouillardAnne Brunet-Bourbonnais
1703Lachine, QcJean-Baptiste Brault-PomainvilleElisabeth Brunet-Bourbonnais
1706Champlain, QcFrancois Brunet-BourbonnaisFrancoise David
1721Lachine, QcLouis Brunet-BourbonnaisMarie-Madeleine Girard
1739Pointe-Claire, QcFrancois TrottierMarie-Josephte Brunet-Bourbonnais
1743Quebec, QcSimon BourbonnaisCatherine Deguise
1749Lachine, QcGabriel MalletteMarie-Anne Brunet-Bourbonnais
1752Saint-Francois-Du-Lac, QcAntoine JoyalCatherine Bourbonnais
1762Pointe-Claire, QcJacques BriseboisMarie Brunet
1767Lachine, QcFrancois BourbonnaisMarie-Ozite Hebert
1768Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste Brault-PominvilleMarie-Louise Gaudry-Bourbonniere
1774Vaudreuil-Dorion, QcFrancois BourbonnaisUrsule Dicaire
1779Vaudreuil-Dorion, QcFrancois DaoustFrancoise Bourbonnais
1779Vaudreuil-Dorion, QcEtienne MenardMarie-Josephe Bourbonnais
1782Vaudreuil-Dorion, QcJean Lalande-LatreilleMarie-Louise Bourbonnais
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Bourbonnais
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Bourbonnais
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Baptisms list
1767Les-Cedres, QCFrancois BourbonnaisM
1769Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Joseph BourbonnaisF
1771Les-Cedres, QCFrancois BourbonnaisF
1771Les-Cedres, QCJoseph BourbonnaisM
1772Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Angelique BourbonnaisF
1772Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Joseph BourbonnaisF
1773Les-Cedres, QCJoseph BourbonnaisM
1773Les-Cedres, QCPaul BourbonnaisM
1774Les-Cedres, QCJoseph BourbonnaisM
1777Les-Cedres, QCJean-Baptiste BourbonnaisM
1812Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Josephte BourbonnaisF
1812Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Hyppolite BourbonnaisF
1813Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Josephte BourbonnaisF
1814Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Josephte BourbonnaisF
1814Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Emelienne BourbonnaisF
1815Les-Cedres, QCJean-Baptiste BourbonnaisM
1815Les-Cedres, QCLouis-David BourbonnaisM
1816Les-Cedres, QCFrancois-Xavier BourbonnaisM
1817Les-Cedres, QCLouis BourbonnaisM
1817Les-Cedres, QCJoseph BourbonnaisM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Bourbonnais
Here are some examples of burials of the family Bourbonnais
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Burrials list
1726La-Prairie, QCMarie BourbonaisF
1816Les-Cedres, QCFrancois Bourbonnais
1817Les-Cedres, QCJosephte Bourbonnais
1818Les-Cedres, QCTherese Bourbonnais
1819Les-Cedres, QCEmmelie Bourbonnais
1823Les-Cedres, QCAngelique Bourbonnais
1826Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Josephte Bourbonnais
1830Les-Cedres, QCLouis Bourbonnais
1830Les-Cedres, QCJoseph Bourbonnais
1832Les-Cedres, QCJoseph Bourbonnais
1855Les-Cedres, QCOdile Bourbonnais
1855Les-Cedres, QCMaurice Bourbonnais
1859Les-Cedres, QCAngele Bourbonnais
1861Les-Cedres, QCJoseph-Emery Bourbonnais
1864Les-Cedres, QCPhilomene Bourbonnais
1866Les-Cedres, QCJoseph Bourbonnais
1867Les-Cedres, QCRoger Bourbonnais
1868Les-Cedres, QCJoseph Bourbonnais
1869Les-Cedres, QCJoseph-Ephrem Bourbonnais
1870Les-Cedres, QCJosephte Bourbonnais
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Bourbonnais

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Origin of name Bourbonnais

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