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Boright family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Boright

Of the two Boright families in North America - the Canadian Borights and the Hudson Valley NY Borights - the pioneer of the Hudson Valley Borights was an ANDREW BORIGHT who was born about 1774-1776. He emigrated from Pleasant Valley NY (Duchess County) to the Chatham NY area (Columbia County). At about the time of his emigration and the earlier life of his son, Henry, the surname was at times recorded in the public record as Baright. For a number of generations after his arrival in the Chatham NY area, the Boright family became prominent citizens in that community and region including owning extensive farmland and a grainery, owning a large lumber yard, founding of a bank, owning an automobile dealership in the 1900s, and mainstays of the Church located in adjacent Ghent NY.
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Origin of name Boright

There are apparently two branches of Boright famllies in North America and as of 2013 no genealogical connection has been established. The two families were both close to one another geographically. One branch is from Canada and the other from the NY Hudson Valley area SE of Albany.

The HV Borights are descended from an Andrew Boright (b. 1776 ca.) who emigrated from Pleasant Valley NY to the Chatham NY area. Among his children was a son, Henry (b. 1804 ca.). There are some early land documents in the Columbia County archives that show their surname sometimes spelled Baright as well as Boright. So it appears that some time about 1800 +/- there was an on-again, off-again dual spelling of the Boright/Baright surname. In Pleasant Valley, from whence Andrew Boright emigrat5ed, there is an old church cemetery with a number of Baright burials but no Borights. Until at least the year 2000 there were Barights still residing in that community. There are a good number of Boright surnames buried in the Chatham Rural Cemetery in Chatham NY and at another Chatham Rural Cemetery location a few miles outside of Chatham on state route Rt. 66. Earlier spellings of the Baright name have been Barheit and Barhyte, among others. The name was long believed believed to be of Dutch (Holland) derivation but some research in the early 2000's suggests it may be German. So the HV Boright surname may have been spelled Baright, etc. prior to the late 1700s. The Canadian Boright surname is spelled Boright prior to the late 1700s. In the 1970s there were three Walter E Boright persons of record living at the same time. A Walter E. Boright (now deceased) lived in Belmont MA and was descended from the Canadian Borights. The other two (Walter E. Boright, Sr. 1901-1981, and Walter E. Boright, Jr. 1944-present) were from the HV Borights. This entry was made on June 26, 2013.
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Celebrities of the family Boright

Walter E. Boright, Sr. (1909-1991), Mayor of Kenilworth NJ, 1956-1961
Walter E. Boright, Jr. (1944-present), County Freeholder (Commissioner), Union County NJ, 1975-1991
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Marriages of the family Boright
Our database contains 22 records of marriages of the family Boright, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1823Frelighsburg, QcJohn-Jr GibsonNancy-A Boright
1823Frelighsburg, QcJohn Gibson-JrNancy-A. Boright
1826Dunham, QcGeorge BorightRuth Spencer
1840Dunham, QcDexter BorightHarriet Gilman
1849Dunham, QcHeyman-A. BarnardDelia Boright
1854Dunham, QcGilbert BorightSarah-E. Soule
1856Charles BorightAnn-M Hoskin
1862Sutton, QcDennis BorightChristiana Shepard
1866Alphonso BorightHarriet-N. Parker
1866Sutton, QcN. Sherman-BorightMary-E Olmstead
1867Gilbert BorightMaria Farmer
1867John DunnAdelia Boright
1872Sutton, QcIra-E ChadseyCaroline-J. Boright
1875Sutton, QcClement BorightAlice-J. Smith
1877James MillarDelia-A Boright
1877James Millar-MillardDelia-A. Boright
1878Sutton, QcFranklin BorightElizabeth-N. Allen
1911Waterloo, QcSheldon-R. BorightMarion-D Robertson
1929Waterloo, QcDonald-G KavanaghAlice-R. Boright
1941Farnham, QcRoland-Alfred CoutureMarie-Dolores-F Boright
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Boright
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Boright
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Baptisms list
1921Stanstead, QCMary-Erminangarde BorightF
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Burials of the family Boright
Here are some examples of burials of the family Boright
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Burrials list
1951Bury, QCEdith-Chestine BorightF
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