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Bizier family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Bizier
Our database contains 638 records of marriages of the family Bizier, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1762Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJoseph BizierMarie-Genevieve Jacques
1790Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcThomas RoyMarie-Angelique Bizier
1801Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJean-Baptiste BizierMonique Lambert-Champagne
1806Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJean ThibodeauMarie-Louise Bizier
1824Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJean-Baptiste TurmelAngelique Bizier
1824Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcAugustin LessardGenevieve Bizier
1828Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcLouis FaucherHelene Bizier
1830Sainte-Marie, QcJean-Baptiste BizierHelene Perreault
1836Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcIsaie BizierGertrude Faucher
1837Sainte-Marie, QcGaspard Vachon-PomerleauMarie Bizier
1837Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcLouis BizierGenevieve Bisson
1839Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcIsaac BizierSylvie Cloutier
1841Sainte-Marie, QcPierre BizierSophie Nadeau
1841Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcGaspard BizierModeste Cloutier
1845Sainte-Marie, QcJean-Abraham CloutierTherese Bizier
1847Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcVital BizierRose-Delima Nadeau
1855Sainte-Marie, QcElisee BizierMarie-Louise Perron
1856Sainte-Marie, QcCharles LacroixAnatalie Bizier
1858Saint-Victor, QcFrederic PomerleauMarie-Josephine Bizier
1859Saint-Victor, QcFrancois MaroisSesanie Bizier
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Bizier
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Bizier
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Baptisms list
1870Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Gedeon BisierM
1873Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Theodeliste BisierF
1874Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCEdouard-Gaudias BizierM
1876Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Des-Anges BizierF
1877Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Demerise BizierF
1878Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJean-Baptiste-Fidele BizierM
1879Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Emerida-Josephine BizierF
1881Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJean BizierM
1881Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Lumina BizierF
1882Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Augustin-Octave BisierM
1882Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Lucie BizierF
1884Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Majorique BizierM
1884Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Napoleon BizierM
1885Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Vital BizierM
1886Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Georgiana BizierF
1887Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Arthur-Olivier BizierM
1888Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Elmire BizierF
1888East-Angus, QCJosephe-Abraham BizierM
1889Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Merida BizierF
1889Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Olivier BizierM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Bizier
Here are some examples of burials of the family Bizier
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Burrials list
1877Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Des-Anges BizierF
1878Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMariezerila BizierF
1886Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Vital BizierM
1894Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCCelina BizierF
1897Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCAnonyme BizierF
1898Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMarie-Louise BizierF
1898Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCFrancois BizierM
1899Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCAnonyme BizierM
1900Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCEugene BizierM
1901Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCNapoleon BizierM
1902Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCMajorique BizierM
1902Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCClara BizierF
1904Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Mathias BizierM
1907Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Ephrem-Placide BizierM
1908Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Wilfrid BizierM
1908Saint-Methode-de-Frontenac, QCMarieange BisierF
1909Saint-Methode-de-Frontenac, QCJosephat BisierM
1911Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Exilius BizierM
1914Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCCesarie BizierF
1914Saint-Methode-de-Frontenac, QCFlorentilda BisierF
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Bizier

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Origin of name Bizier

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Celebrities of the family Bizier

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