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Beer family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Beers, Beranger, Berard, Berardelli, Berardi, Berardino, Berard-Lepine, Berberi, Bercier, Beresford, Berg, Bergamin, Berger, Bergeron, Bergeron-Damboise, Bergevin, Bergevin-Langevin, Bergin, Bergman, Bergogne, Beriau, Beriau-Boisclair, Beriault, Beriault-Boisclair, Berichon, Berland, Berleur, Berlingeri, Berlinguet, Berlinguette, Berloin, Berman, Bermingham, Bermudez, Bernadet, Bernais, Bernaquez, Bernard, Bernard-Gonthier, Bernardi, Bernardin, Bernatchez, Berndt, Berneche, Bernesse-Blondin, Bernet, Berney, Bernicky, Bernier, Bernique, Berniquer, Berniquez, Bero, Berrea, Berrigan, Berrouard, Berry, Berryman, Bert, Bertault, Berteau, Berthe, Berthel, Berthelet, Berthelet-Savoyard, Berthelette, Berthelot, Berthelotte, Berthiaume, Berthier, Berthold, Bertholet, Berti, Bertiboni, Bertin, Bertoldi, Berton, Bertrand, Bertrand-St-Arnaud, Bertrand-St-Arnauld, Bertrant, Berube, Berwick, Bherer, Bhereur
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Marriages of the family Beer
Our database contains 57 records of marriages of the family Beer, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1729La-Prairie, QcFrancois BrosseauMarie-Josephe Leber
1758La-Visitation-De-L'ile-Dupas, QcJean-Baptiste Desorcy-LincourMarie-Therese Berard
1763Boucherville, QcJean BergMarguerite Petit
1765Berthierville, QcFrancois AubuchonCatherinne Berthiaume
1792Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcJean DuconduM.-Anne Laurent
1799Saint-Roch-De-L'achigan, QcAlexis Raimond-PhocasMarguerite Bertrant
1804Saint-Cuthbert, QcJean-Baptiste Desorcy-LincourM.-Genevieve Breneche
1810Quebec, QcJean BergMarie Adrien
1812Saint-Paul, QcJoseph Laporte-St-GeorgesMarguerite Berthelot
1824Saint-Esprit, QcJacques Landreville-GauthierSophie Bertrand
1825La-Prairie, QcJean BerM.-Louise Barette
1840Quebec, QcThomas BrownMary-Ann Berm
1843Quebec, QcJoseph BeerMargaret Marshall-Nugent
1861Levis, QcLouis BergIsabella Clouston
1866Portage-Du-Fort, QcHenry BeerMary Hoare
1869Saint-Barthelemy, QcAdolphe BernierOlivine Berneche
1897Montreal, QcJoseph-Raoul-Antonio MailhotMelina Le-Ber
1897Grand-Mere, QcAlexandre BerthiaumeEmelie Berg
1898-, NsJames-G BeerMargaret Connolly
1904La-Prairie, QcDavid LeberPacifique Bourdon
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Baptisms of the family Beer
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Beer
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Baptisms list
1825La-Prairie, QCMarie-Louise BerF
1828La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste BerM
1828La-Prairie, QCThomas BerM
1832La-Prairie, QCEmilie BerF
1832La-Prairie, QCMarie-Alexandrine BerF
1834La-Prairie, QCHermenegilde BerF
1834La-Prairie, QCMarie-Elise BerF
1837La-Prairie, QCMarie-Agathe BerF
1866Becancour, QCJean-Jacques Le-BerM
1902Sawyerville, QCIsrael-Albert-Edouard Berd
1914Amos, QCM-Yvonne BergF
La-Baie, QCNorman-Randolph BeerM
Saint-Thomas, QCM.Jacqueline-Suzanne-Johanne BergF
Saint-Hubert, QCJoseph-Jean-Guy-Rene-Andre Le-BerM
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Burials of the family Beer
Here are some examples of burials of the family Beer
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Burrials list
1832La-Prairie, QCEmilie BerF
1837La-Prairie, QCMarie-Agathe BerF
1936Montreal, QCJoseph BergM
1979Saint-Barthelemy, QCThierry Vanden-Berg
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Pioneer of the family Beer

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Origin of name Beer

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Celebrities of the family Beer

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