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Beaulieu family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Origin of name Beaulieu

BEAULIEU - from 'beau lieu' (beautiful place) a soldier's nickname. Name given to the individual living in or coming from one of the many places named '(le) Beaulieu' (the beautiful place) in France.
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Beaulieu, from the French for "beautiful place"
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Marriages of the family Beaulieu
Our database contains 15644 records of marriages of the family Beaulieu, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1652Quebec, QcJacques Gourdeau-De-BeaulieuEleonora De-Grandmaison
1674Quebec, QcMathurin Langevin-LacroixMarie-Therese Martin
1676Quebec, QcPierre Hudon-BeaulieuMarie Gobeil
1685Charlesbourg, QcJean Philippe-BeaulieuCatherine Galarneau
1685Quebec, QcAntoine Gourdeau-De-BeaulieuFrancoise Zachee
1689Claude Thomas-BeaulieuMadeleine Sceau
1690Beauport, QcAntoine MontpellierJeanne Cadieu
1699Charlesbourg, QcAntoine Montpellier-Martin-BeauliMarie Bonnet-Bonet
1700Champlain, QcPierre Moulin-BeaulieuMarie-Rene Dandoneau
1701Riviere-Ouelle, QcGuillaume ParadisJeanne Hudon
1701Riviere-Ouelle, QcGuillaume ParadisCatherine-Marguerite Hudon
1706Michel BoudetCatherine Thomas-Beaulieu
1707Saint-Pierre, QcPierre Hudon-BeaulieuClaire Paradis
1708Levis, QcRene-Albert BeaulieuFrancoise-Genevieve Arnaud
1708Levis, QcRene Albert-BeaulieuGenevieve Arnauld
1711L'islet-Sur-Mer, QcJoseph Hudon-BeaulieuGenevieve Gamache
1713Riviere-Ouelle, QcJean-Baptiste Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Angelique Gagnon
1713Riviere-Ouelle, QcNicolas Hudon-BeaulieuMarie-Madeleine Bouchard
1714Quebec, QcPierre Diers-Dierce-BeaulieuMarie-Charlotte Mondin
1715Quebec, QcJacques-Philippe Lebel-BeaulieuMarie-Angelique Baudin
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Beaulieu
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Beaulieu
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Baptisms list
1687Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Baptiste BeaulieuM
1694Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Bernard BeaulieuM
1697Riviere-Ouelle, QCLouis-Charles Hudon-BeaulieuM
1716Riviere-Ouelle, QCJoseph Hudon-BeaulieuM
1723Riviere-Ouelle, QCNicolas Hudon-BeaulieuM
1727Riviere-Ouelle, QCM.Madeleine Hudon-BeaulieuF
1730Riviere-Ouelle, QCJosephte Hudon-BeaulieuF
1730Riviere-Ouelle, QCMarie-Josephte Hudon-BeaulieuF
1731Riviere-Ouelle, QCMadeleine Hudon-BeaulieuF
1732Riviere-Ouelle, QCLouis Hudon-BeaulieuM
1732Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Baptiste Hudon-BeaulieuM
1733Riviere-Ouelle, QCGenevieve Hudon-BeaulieuF
1734Riviere-Ouelle, QCMarie-Josephte Hudon-BeaulieuF
1735Riviere-Ouelle, QCCharles Hudon-BeaulieuM
1735Riviere-Ouelle, QCMarguerite Hudon-BeaulieuF
1736Riviere-Ouelle, QCAngelique Hudon-BeaulieuF
1739Longueuil, QCAmable Bertrand-Dit-Beaulieu
1739Riviere-Ouelle, QCLouise Hudon-BeaulieuF
1739Riviere-Ouelle, QCLouise-Josephte Hudon-BeaulieuF
1740Riviere-Ouelle, QCMarguerite Hudon-BeaulieuF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Beaulieu
Here are some examples of burials of the family Beaulieu
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Burrials list
Sainte-Adele, QCBernard BeaulieuM
Dolbeau, QCJacques Beaulieu
Saint-Fabien, QCJoseph BeaulieuM
1728Champlain, QCPierre Beaulieu
1747Champlain, QCM.Anne Neveux-BeaulieuF
1749Champlain, QCFrancois Beaulieu-Bacqueville
1751Saint-Ours, QCFrancois Beaulieu
1751Sorel, QCMarguerite BeaulieuF
1752Sorel, QCJoseph Beaulieu-HoullierM
1752Saint-Ours, QCFrancoise-Marie Beaulieu
1753Champlain, QCM.Rene BeaulieuF
1754Saint-Ours, QCAlexandre Beaulieu
1755Saint-Ours, QCFrancois Beaulieu
1755Saint-Ours, QCFrancois Hudon-BeaulieuM
1756Saint-Ours, QCJoseph-Marie Beaulieu
1757Saint-Ours, QCMarguerite-Marie Beaulieu
1764Sorel, QCJoseph BeaulieuM
1765Sorel, QCMarie-Josephte BeaulieuF
1768Saint-Ours, QCCharlotte-Marie Beaulieu-Hudon
1773Saint-Ours, QCAntoine Beaulieu-Hudon
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Beaulieu

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Celebrities of the family Beaulieu

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