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Beauchamps family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Beauchamps

Jean Beauchamp was baptized on May 8th, 1644 in Ste-Marguerite, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France. Son of Michel Beauchamp and Marie Roullet, he married Jeanne Loisel, daughter of Louis and Marguerite Charlot, on November 23th, 1666 in Montreal. From this union were born 8 children.He arrived in the country in 1666 and settled down in Pointe-aux-Trembles. In 1681, he owns 3 heads of cattle and 9 acres of land. He died on May 4th, 1700 in Pointe-aux-Trembles.
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Origin of name Beauchamps

BEAUCHAMP - nickname given to the person from the locality (the) Beau Champ or the localities named Beauchamps.
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Marriages of the family Beauchamps
Our database contains 7312 records of marriages of the family Beauchamps, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1630FRAMichel Beauchamp-Le-GrandMarie Rollet
1630Michel Deschamps-BeauchampMarie Roullet
1656FRAJacques Beauchamp-Le-Grand-BeauchMarie Dardenne
1666Montreal, QcJean Beauchamp-Le-Petit-BeauchJeanne Loisel
1673Boucherville, QcPierre LarriveDenise Beauchamp
1677Montreal, QcGermain Gauthier-St-GermainJeanne Beauchamp
1685Montreal, QcJean Venne-VoyneFrancoise Beauchamp
1686Montreal, QcPierre Hunault-DeschampsCatherine Beauchamp
1687Montreal, QcJean DesrochesMarie Beauchamp
1687Montreal, QcLouis Truchon-LeveilleMarie-Francoise Beauchamp
1688Montreal, QcJean CharbonneauFrancoise Beauchamp
1698Montreal, QcGuillaume Forget-DespatisBarbe Beauchamp
1699Montreal, QcPierre BeauchampAnne Bazinet
1699Montreal, QcPierre BeauchampAngelique-Francoise Leclerc
1701Montreal, QcJacques BeauchampCatherine Bazinet
1701Repentigny, QcJean BeauchampJeanne Miloin
1705Laval, QcJean-Baptiste Leclerc-LeclaireMarguerite Beauchamp
1714Laval, QcAndre Bouteiller-BoutilletBarbe Beauchamp
1717Quebec, QcFrancois Beauchamp-LaprairieMarie-Anne Alarie
1719Laval, QcJoseph Brunet-BelhumeurMarie Beauchamp
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Beauchamps
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Beauchamps
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Baptisms list
1700Repentigny, QCPierre BeauchampM
1702Lachenaie, QCJean BeauchampM
1704Lachenaie, QCFrancois BeauchampM
1704Lachenaie, QCPierre BeauchampsM
1706Lachenaie, QCMargueritte-Jeanne BeauchampF
1706Lachenaie, QCMichel BeauchampsM
1708Lachenaie, QCJacques BeauchampsM
1723Lachenaie, QCM.Agnes BeauchampF
1725Lachenaie, QCAntoine BeauchampM
1727Lachenaie, QCM.Joseph BauchampM
1727Lachenaie, QCPierre BeauchampM
1728Lachenaie, QCMichel BeauchampM
1728Lachenaie, QCMarie BeauchampF
1729Lachenaie, QCFlavie BeauchampF
1731Lachenaie, QCJoseph BeauchampM
1732Lachenaie, QCJoseph-Marie BeauchampM
1732Lachenaie, QCMarie BeauchampF
1732Lachenaie, QCJoseph BeauchampM
1733Lachenaie, QCJ.Marie BeauchampF
1734Lachenaie, QCAugustin BeauchampM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Beauchamps
Here are some examples of burials of the family Beauchamps
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Burrials list
Hull, QCErva BeauchampF
00:0Saint-Jerome, QCLucienne BeauchampF
0187Masson-Angers, QCNicolas BeauchampM
1727Lachenaie, QCMarie Beauchamp
1736Lachenaie, QCM.Louise Beauchamp
1737Lachenaie, QCM.Joseph Beauchamp
1741Lachenaie, QCMichel Beauchamp
1741Lachenaie, QCJean-Marie Beauchamp
1741Lachenaie, QCPierre Beauchamp
1741Lachenaie, QCPierre BeauchampsM
1742Lachenaie, QCMargueritte Beauchamp
1743Lachenaie, QCPierre Beauchamp
1745Lachenaie, QCAntoine Beauchamp
1746Lachenaie, QCAngelique Beauchamp
1746Lachenaie, QCAngelique-Francoise BeauchampF
1746Lachenaie, QCMarie Beauchamp
1747Lachenaie, QCMarie Beauchamp
1748Lachenaie, QCAnonyme Beauchamp
1749Lachenaie, QCMarie BeauchampF
1749Lachenaie, QCJ.Marie Bauchamp
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Beauchamps

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