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Barbin family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Barbin

octave barbin eut a repartir les lots
et son fils odilon fut maire de st george de windsor
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Celebrities of the family Barbin

odilon barbin fils de octave et luce boisvert fut maire de st george de windsor de 1883 a 1895

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Marriages of the family Barbin
Our database contains 119 records of marriages of the family Barbin, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1728Saint-Pierre, QcFrancois BarbinMarie-Claire Chantal
1817Sainte-Croix, QcPierre BarbinMarie-Petronille Legendre
1839Sainte-Croix, QcPaul LordPetronille Barbin
1843Sainte-Croix, QcJoseph-Octave BarbinLuce Boisvert
1844Saint-Antoine-De-Tilly, QcPierre BarbinJosette Lambert
1847Sainte-Croix, QcModeste BeaudetCaroline Barbin
1847Sainte-Croix, QcTelesphore BironAdelaide Barbin
1848Sainte-Croix, QcHippolithe PageJulie Barbin
1850Sainte-Croix, QcFrancois-Xavier BarbinMarie Boisvert
1861Lotbiniere, QcFerdinand BarbinCesaree Desruisseaux
1861Warwick, QcLeonard BarbinPhilomene Biron
1864Princeville, QcLeonar BarbinLouise Duchesney
1868Kingsey, QcOdilon BarbinSophie Roy
1870Warwick, QcHubert BonneauLucina Barbin
1874Warwick, QcEdouard BarbinDelphina Frechette
1874Sillery, QcEugene BarbinMalvina Frechette
1874Sainte-Croix, QcJoseph GosselinMarie-Petronille Barbin
1875Sainte-Croix, QcAchille BarbinPhilomene Mailloux
1878Warwick, QcOctave BarbinAnna Vaudreuil
1878Victoriaville, QcEdmond GelinasMarie-Anne Barbin
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Barbin
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Barbin
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Baptisms list
1871Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCPierre-Odilon BarbinM
1873Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Olivine BarbinF
1875Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCSophie-Hermina BarbinF
1876Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCEugene-Romeo BarbinM
1878Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCHenri-Hermenegilde BarbinM
1880Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Valerie BarbinF
1882Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Bernadette BarbinF
1884Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Josephine BarbinF
1887Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Anne-Sophie BarbinF
1889Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Ledia BarbinF
1889Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Lydia BarbinF
1890Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Lucia BarbinF
1892Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Lydia-Antoinette BarbinF
1894Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Fedora BarbinF
1898Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Elzear-Oscar BarbinM
1899Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Raoul-Oscar BarbinM
1901Shawinigan, QCJ.Eugene Barbet-BarbinM
1903Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Firmin BarbinM
1903Shawinigan, QCJ.Alcide-Donat BarbinM
1905Shawinigan, QCM.Germine BarbinF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Barbin
Here are some examples of burials of the family Barbin
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Burrials list
1842Sherbrooke, QCPierre Barbin
1877Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCSophie-Hermina BarbinF
1882Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCEugene BarbinM
1891Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCLydia BarbinF
1898Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Oscar-Elzear BarbinM
1899Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Raoul-Oscar BarbinM
1902Coaticook, QCPetronille BarbinF
1902Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCBlanche-Aurore BarbinF
1902Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCOlivine BarbinF
1905Shawinigan, QCM.Germaine BarbinF
1906Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCOdilon BarbinM
1907Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Blanche-Aurore-Noelia BarbinF
1912Saint-Claude, QCJosephine BarbinF
1912Shawinigan, QCJoseph-Marcel-Alfred Barbin
1914Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Elzear-Alexandre BarbinM
1915Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Aurore-Alexandrine BarbinF
1930Saint-Eustache, QCHubert Barbin
1934Montreal, QCSolange BarbinF
1939Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCOdilon BarbinM
1954Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCErnest BarbinM
... and several other
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Origin of name Barbin

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