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Pioneer of the family Baillargeon

My Grandfather, Joseph Arthur Baillargeon emigrated to Seattle, Washington in about 1872 and his brother, P.A. Baillargeon did as well. Grandfather married Abbie Collins whose Father was aa former mayor of Seattle. My Father, John Arthur Baillargeon was born is Seattle in 1892. His Brother, Cebert Baillargeon was a banker and founder of Seattle Trust & Savings Bank later sold to Key Bank. One of my Father's sisters married Thomas D. Stimson of Seattle, date unknown.
Grandfatherowned and operated a retail shop named The Lace House. He retired at the age of 44 in 1913. He died in ( I think) 1934
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Marriages of the family Baillargeon
Our database contains 2859 records of marriages of the family Baillargeon, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1650Quebec, QcJean BaillargeonMarguerite Guillebourdeau
1664Chateau-Richer, QcJean LabrecqueJeanne Baillargeon
1665Cap-De-La-Madeleine, QcFrancois BigotCatherine Baillargeon
1666Quebec, QcJean BaillargeonEsther Coindriau
1667Cap-De-La-Madeleine, QcJean BottonAnne Baillargeon
1669Cap-De-La-Madeleine, QcPaul HusJeanne Baillargeon
1674Sainte-Famille, QcPierre BurlonJeanne Baillargeon
1677Cap-De-La-Madeleine, QcMichel ChaudronMarie-Anne Baillargeon
1681Saint-Laurent, QcAntoine MondainJeanne Baillargeon
1683Saint-Laurent, QcJean BaillargeonMarie-Jeanne-Anne Godbout
1683Saint-Pierre, QcNicolas BaillargeonMarie-Anne Crepeau
1701Saint-Laurent, QcPierre LangloisMarie-Angelique Baillarjon
1707Saint-Pierre, QcPierre-Martin CosteMarie Baillargeon
1707Saint-Laurent, QcNicolas BaillargeonJeanne Rouleau
1709Trois-Rivieres, QcJacques DuguayAnne Baillargeon
1711Saint-Laurent, QcNicolas BaillargeonMarguerite Leclerc
1713Saint-Laurent, QcJean BailargeonMarie Denis
1720Saint-Laurent, QcAugustin CosteMarie-Madeleine Baillargeon
1721Contrecoeur, QcJean RondeauMarie-Josephe Baillargeon
1722Repentigny, QcJean-Baptiste Brian-SansregretMarie-Anne Baillargeon-Bocage
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Baillargeon
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Baillargeon
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Baptisms list
1699Champlain, QCNicolas Baillargeon-BoccageM
1709Sorel, QCMarie-Elisabeth Baillargeon-BeaucageF
1711Sorel, QCJean-Baptiste Baillargeon-BeaucageM
1714Sorel, QCMarie Baillargeon-BeaucageF
1715Sorel, QCCharles Baillargeon-BeaucageM
1718Sorel, QCPierre Baillargeon-BeaucageM
1730Sorel, QCAngelique BaillargeonF
1730Sorel, QCMarie-Angelique BaillargeonF
1732Sorel, QCMarie-Claire BaillargeonF
1733Sorel, QCMarie-Magdeleine BaillargeonF
1733Sorel, QCMadeleine Bocage-Baillargeon-BoucanF
1734Sorel, QCMarie-Josephe BaillargeonF
1734Sorel, QCMarie-Josephte BaillargeonF
1735Sorel, QCAntoine BaillargeonM
1736Sorel, QCAntoine BaillargeonM
1737Sorel, QCLouis BaillargeonM
1739Sorel, QCJean-Baptiste Bocage-BaillargeonM
1740Sorel, QCMarguerite BaillargeonF
1742Sorel, QCMarie-Louise BaillargeonF
1742Sorel, QCMarie-Louise Bocage-BaillargeonF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Baillargeon
Here are some examples of burials of the family Baillargeon
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Burrials list
1733Sorel, QCJeanne BaillargeonF
1742Sorel, QCNicolas Baillargeon-BocageM
1742Sorel, QCNicolas BaillargeonM
1745Sorel, QCBaillargeon-Beaucage
1745Sorel, QCNicolas Baillargeon-BocageM
1748Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCM.Joseph Baillargeon
1748Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCMarie-Josephte BaillargeonF
1748Sorel, QCMarie-Claire BaillargeonF
1752La-Prairie, QCFrancois-Marie BaillargeonM
1754La-Prairie, QCMarie-Marguerite BaillargeonF
1755La-Prairie, QCMarie-Helene BaillargeonF
1755Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCElisabeth Baillargeon-BocageF
1755Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCElizabeth Baillargeon
1755La-Prairie, QCMarie-Francoise BaillargeonF
1759La-Prairie, QCCharlotte BaillargeonF
1762La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCMadeleine Bocage-Baillargeon-BoucanF
1762La-Prairie, QCAnonyme BaillargeonF
1765Sorel, QCUrsule BaillargeonF
1765La-Prairie, QCLouis-Amable BaillargeonM
1767Sorel, QCLouis BaillargeonM
... and several other
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Origin of name Baillargeon

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Celebrities of the family Baillargeon

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