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Invite others to see your family tree

You have built your family tree and you want to share on Internet with your friends, or you want help from others to build it. Invite them as guests.

In your Family Tree, click on Bouton invite in the toolbar, and follow instructions.

1. You will get the guest list (empty as default). Click on "ADD A GUEST".

Guest list

2. 1.Fill in the information of the guest to invite : name, email and language and click on "SEND AN INVITATION"

Add a guest

3. The guest will receive an invitation by email. He will have access to your tree and all the profiles, and photos it contains. He will also be able to give you suggestions share pictures to be added to your family tree.

However, he will not be able to change the information in the family tree. You remain the only person authorized to do so. Moreover, he will not have access to your password or your account information.

You can add as many guest as you want. Just repeat the operation.

To remove someone from the guest list

To remove access to your family tree to one or many guest, go to the guest list page, and click on the ‘X’ right by the guest you want to remove. Confirm when asked and the access will be restricted to the individual.

Delete a guest

To send a second invitation

If a guest has lost the email with the access link, send him a second invitation. On the guest list, Click on the name of the guest and click on SEND AN INVITATION. Another email with access link will be sent.

If the person’s email address has changed, modify it before clicking on SEND AN INVITATION.

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