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Origin and genealogy of Pierre Allard in French America (Quebec)

Migrant : ALLARD, Pierre

Child of: Pierre and Mathurine Verdon

Origin: Saint-Hermine, év. Luçon, Poitou

Born around 1653

Deceased in 1703 in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

Married to Anne Delavoye, on 1683-11-22 in Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre

Profession(s): Servant, Wet cooper

Main events:

  • 1681: Servant of Zhacharie Cloutier jr
  • 1686: Death of his first wife (Anne De Lavoye)

Main court judgments:

  • 1687: The Seminary reclaims 70 pounds from him. Since he could not pay them, he had to give back his property
  • 1692: Claims compensation from Joseph Guimont for having fired towards his horse
  • 1700: Must pay Étienne Godard 31 pounds as the balance of an unpaid debt
  • 1703 to 1712: His inheritance was difficult to settle

Main transactions:

  • 1683: Mgr de Laval concedes him 1 1/2 acre wide in Château-Richer (120 pounds)
  • 1685 to 1700: Buys his brothers-in-law heritage, after his mother-in-law's death Anne Godin (440 pounds)
  • 1686: His father-in-law, wher he lived, sells him his part of his property (400 pounds)
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