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Discover the origins and elements of the genealogy and civil status of Jean Amyot in French America (Quebec)

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Child of: Masse and Perrine Volant

Origin: Vineuil-sous-Blois, év. Chartres

Born around 1636

Deceased in 1708 in Québec

Married to Marguerite Poulin, on 1673-08-07 in Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre

Profession(s): master-locksmith

Main events:

  • 1666: Census: locksmith in Quebec city
  • 1673: Gets the job to set the prisoners in irons and to take them off (40 pounds /year)
  • 1673: Builds a house at the Cul-de-Sac, in Qubec lower town
  • 1676: His house attic burned (420 pounds to repair it)
  • 1676: Has ironworks built besides his house (200 pounds)

Main court judgments:

  • 1675: Wins his cause against those responsible for the masonry of his house at the Cul-de-Sac
  • 1680: Witness in court
  • 1695 to 1707: Judiciary saga with Pierre Demers, relative to a wall separating their houses

Main transactions:

  • 1666: Loan to Claude Robutel against beaver furs (20 pounds)
  • 1672: Pierre Chalifour owes him 131 pounds for his servant Pierre Cailhaut
  • 1673: He gets 40 pounds for setting Michel Goron dit Petitbois in irons
  • 1673: Buys a square of 35 feet from François Boivin in the lower town of Quebec at the Cul-de-Sac (200 livres)
  • 1680: Hires his son, Pierre, 12 years old, to Noël Rose, for 5 years
  • 1706: Promises his son Jean-Baptiste 500 pounds /year if he practices his father's trade and takes care of them until their death
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