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Discover the origins and elements of the genealogy and civil status of Pierre Laforest-Labranche in French America (Quebec)

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Child of: Pierre and Marguerite Courbel

Origin: Saint-Denis, év. Agen, Guyenne

Born around 1645

Deceased in 1695 in Québec

Married to Charlotte Godin, on 1679-07-27 in Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre

Profession(s): Farmer

Main events:

  • 1681: Census:: 1 gun, 3 horned cattle, 5 acrs of land in cultivation
  • 1694: Admitted at l'Hôtel-Dieu in Québec where he will die

Main court judgments:

  • 1685: Must give back 6 wheat minots to Marie Bary, for whom he was working as a farmer, for wheat she has lended him, having forgotten to sow, and letting wild animals eat her grain

Main transactions:

  • 1678: Mgr de Laval concède him a land 12 acres wide x 1/2 league deep below Cap Tourmente, in a place named la Petite-Rivière to Baie-St-Paul
  • 1680: Sells Pascal Mercier their half of the property owned by Marguerite's first husband (280 pounds)
  • 1685: Sells Julien Fortin 2 acres of his property in Petite-Rivière (270 pounds)
  • 1686: Renounces future inheritance of 'Esther Ramage in favor of Jacques Godin, who promises to take care of his mother for the rest of her life
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