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It’s free, easy, safe and confidential. Take advantage of the many free genealogical services offered exclusively to our members.

Duration: 1:14 minutes
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Once you are a member, at your next visits, you will want to login. This will give you access to all your services.

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Video: buy premium services on by credit card PREMIUM SERVICES PAID BY CREDIT CARD
With Premium Services, add ancestors to your tree with their info in a few clicks, only a few pennies per ancestor or family record. Pay by credit card on the secure site of Moneris (Royal Bank, BMO).

Duration: 2:10 minutes

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With Premium Servicesadd ancestors to your tree with their info in a few clicks, only a few pennies per ancestor or family record. Pay by mail, with a personal check or money order.

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 Family Tree

Video: create a family tree on CREATE A FAMILY TREE ON YOUR OWN FOR FREE
You know your ancestors? Add them for free in a very nice and easy to use family tree.

Duration: 3:31 minutes

Video: add ancestors automatically to your family tree ADD ANCESTORS AUTOMATICALLY
You do not know your ancestors? No problem. Find them automatically for only a few pennies per ancestor. (Premium Services subscription required).

Duration: 3:12 minutes

Video: add pictures and documents to your family tree ADD PICTURES AND DOCUMENTS
Add to your tree, as many picture or genealogic document as you wish.

Duration: 0:46 minutes

Video: add marriage place to you family tree ADD A MARRIAGE PLACE
Add to your tree, for each of your ancestor, the marriage place.

Duration: 1:02 minutes
Video: navigate through your family tree BROWSE THROUGH YOUR FAMILY TREE
Only by clicking, browse through many generations of ancestors, and access to genealogical information and pictures you collected.

Duration: 2:43 minutes

Video: add other information to your family tree ADD OTHER INFORMATION
Add to your family tree as much genealogical information as you want (birth, baptism, death, burial, occupation, funny facts, etc.)

Duration: 1:06 minutes
Video: print your family tree on PRINT YOUR TREE
Print your family tree with our professional printingservices for a high quality tree ready to be framed or given as a gift.

Duration: 2:39 minutes

Video: share your tree over the internet SHARE YOUR TREE OVER THE INTERNET
Invite friends and family members to see your tree, give suggestions and share pictures.

Duration: 0:54 minutes

 Genealogical searches

Video: do genealogical searches on DO GENEALOGICAL SEARCHES
Only by clicking, for a given married couple, access to details of their marriage, of their parents’ marriage and of their married children’s in a same region. (Premium Services subscription required).

Duration: 3:40 minutes

Video: do more advanced genealogical searches on DO MORE ADVANCED GENEALOGICAL SEARCHES
Find married children in other regions and other more advanced functionalities of our powerful family search engine. (Premium Services subscription required).

Duration: 2:49 minutes

Video: searches for birth/baptism and death/burial on SEARCHES FOR BIRTH/BAPTISM AND DEATH/BURIAL
Find a birth/baptism record or a death/burial record with details and access linked family records just by clicking. (Premium Services subscription required).

Duration: 2:07 minutes

 Professional Genealogy

Video: have your genealogy done by our experts HAVE YOUR GENEALOGY DONE BY OUR EXPERTS
Have our experts do your genealogy in premium large size poster and on the Internet (private).

Duration: 1:54 minutes

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Your Folks helps you to build your family tree and will let you print it…

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