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Fan chart 10 generations

Frame not included

Dimensions: 42" x 43"

300 to 508 ancestors guaranteed

A couple, their children, grandchildren, and ancestry, for a grand total of 10 generations. (42" x 43")

Ideal to show the immediate family, children, grandchildren and the family ancestry. Contains up to 508 ancestors with their place and date of marriage.

+ Also contains the paternal line of each spouse for a total of 3 documents.

Starting at $299.99$

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I will print it myself (PDF file) will print it on premium paper format 42" x 43"(+ $125)

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Add the subject's picture (we will contact you to get it) (+$0)
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Add 15 genealogical records (marriage, baptism, burial, census etc.) (+$75)
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1 888 868-0005

P.O.Box 62007 CP La Pérade
3440 Ch.des Quatre-Bourgeois
Quebec, Qc G1W 4Z2


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