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Audio/video genealogy guide - How to buy a subscription to Service Plus by mail


1. Start the video by clicking PLAY play

2. Open in full screen with plein ecran

3. To stop, click on pause

Video transcript

Let’s see how to purchase a Premium Services subscription by postal payment. First, make sure you are logged in to your account on You should see your name at the top of the page. If you experience difficulties to login, refer to the video entitled “Login”. To access to the subscription packages page, click on the “Premium Services!” button, at the bottom left of the page. You have the choice between several packages. For more information or to help you determine which package suits you the best, click on the link “Help me choose”. Note that you will be charged only once for each subscription and that the vouchers are valid 2 or 3 years after your purchase, depending on the subscription. Once you have chosen your package, click on the “Buy” button. To complete the purchase, you must fill a form by entering your email address, your name and surname, as well as your postal information. Then, click on the “Mail Order” button. You will get a mail order form. . At the bottom, you will find the total amount, with the taxes. Make sure your personal information is correct and click on the “Print” button. You must send a copy of this form to with a check or a money order. Do not forget to write down your username and your order number at the back of the check or money order. If you do not have a printer, simply write down your username and your order number on the check or money order. Once the payment is received, you will get a confirmation email to notify you that your subscription has been activated and you can start to use your vouchers.

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