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Audio/video genealogy guide - How to add a marriage location to your family tree


1. Start the video by clicking PLAY play

2. Open in full screen with plein ecran

3. To stop, click on pause

Video transcript

Let’s see how to add a wedding location. In your family tree, choose a couple. For instance, Guillaume Robitaille and Felicite Plamondon. Go to Guillaume’s profile. Click on the “Edit” button under the union section. You can enter a date or a location for the wedding, such as a parish, a municipality, a province or state and a country. Province and country are automatically Quebec and Canada, so if the marriage took place somewhere else, you should change these fields with the correct information. Once the information is entered, click on “Save”. You can return to the tree by clicking “Back to the tree” and repeat it as many times as desired.

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