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Genealogy Guide in audio & video - Share your tree over the internet


1. Start the video by clicking PLAY play

2. Open in full screen with plein ecran

3. To stop, click on pause

Video transcript

Let's see how to invite your family and friends to visit your family tree. First, make sure you are connected to your account. In your tree, click on the icon “Invite my friends” in the toolbar. Click on “Add a guest”. Enter the person's name and email address. When you click “Send an invitation”, the person you have chosen will receive an email containing a link. She can click on this link and go to your tree. Your friends can view your tree as a guest, that is to say, they can send you comments, suggestions and even pictures via email, but they cannot make changes to your tree. Remember, your tree is private and secure. Only you can make changes.

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