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Audio/video genealogy guide - How to print your family tree


1. Start the video by clicking PLAY play

2. Open in full screen with plein ecran

3. To stop, click on pause

Video transcript

Let’s see how to print your family tree with the professional print service of First, in your tree, make sure that the person on the left is the subject of the tree you want to print. For instance, the subject of this tree is Milou Loumi. To change the subject, just click on the house icon under the name of the selected person. To return to the main subject, click on the icon at the far left of the toolbar at the top of the page. When the subject is placed at the left, click on “Print my family tree” in the toolbar. You will first select the type of tree you want to print, click on each offered product to get a picture and a description. Then select one of the designs offered. Once you have made your final selection, click on the “Continue” button. You will get a preview of your tree, as it will be printed. As noted on the page, you can choose to print it at home for free, or order a professional version in a large size on high quality paper. If you choose the free version, you only need to select your printer and click “OK”. For the professional version, click on “See professional printing options”. You can then choose to receive a PDF file, that you can print by yourself or choose our professional printing service. It is possible to ask for additional copies. You can also add a short paragraph about the origin of your name and the story of the first pioneer of the family that arrived in New-France. At the right of the page, you will notice a receipt that adjusts itself when you change options. You will see the total amount of your order including taxes. Make sure that you enter correctly your details and choose your payment type: credit card or postal payment. You will receive a first email to confirm your payment, then a second one when your order will be delivered.

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