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Genealogy Guide in audio & video - Searches for birth/baptism and death/burial


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Video transcript

In addition to genealogical research for marriages, search engine allows you to search for births and deaths. First, make sure to be logged into your account. On the search page, click on the button corresponding to the desired information. For births, you can do a search using the name of the child, or using the name of his parents. You can also enter the approximate year of birth, if known. Otherwise, just enter its name, for example Joseph Robitaille, then click on the “Search” button. You get a chronological list of baptisms that match your search criteria. For more information, click on the year, the municipality or the name of the child. You will get a form of baptism, containing information about the child, date and place of baptism, as well as the parents and godparents of the child. To see the full family file, note that you must have a subscription. You can see at any time the number of vouchers available in the Additional Information to the right of the page. Also note that the data found in your research is not added automatically to your tree. You will have to note them somewhere to be able to add it later. If you wish, you can get a copy of the original record of the baptism by clicking on the appropriate icon. You can also try to find out more about the parents' marriage by clicking on the “Find their marriage” button. Now let’s go back to the search page. Following the same process as for births, you can search for the dead spouse or by the name of relatives. We wish you a successful search!

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