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Audio/video genealogy guide - How to navigate in your family tree


1. Start the video by clicking PLAY play

2. Open in full screen with plein ecran

3. To stop, click on pause

Video transcript

Let’s see how easy it is to navigate in your family tree on First, make sure you are logged in to your account. You already know that you can manually enter all the information you have, for free, in your private tree. You can also, for a small amount of money, automatically add your ancestors with the computer system. For more details, watch videos “Build your tree for free” and “Add ancestors automatically”. The subject of your tree is placed in a green rectangle at the left of your screen. Usually, you are the subject. Under the subject, you can see his immediate family, spouse and children, with the date of their union. At the right, you can see his parents and grandparents. Between spouses, you see a red rectangle with the date of their union. The dates in brackets are approximate. In the upper right corner, the green square shows how many ancestors does the person have. To see more generations, click on the icon at the bottom right under the name of a person. You can develop again and again until the end of the line. To move a person to the left of the screen, click on the house icon under the person. To return to the main subject, click on the icon at the far left of the toolbar. By clicking on the names of the people, you can correct, edit and enter information on this person. You can access to her profile by clicking the “Profile” button. Click on the year, in the red rectangle, to enter or edit the date of union. At any time, you can click and hold the left button of your mouse to move your tree. You can also use the Zoom to zoom in, or zoom out.

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