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Audio/video genealogy guide - How to create your own family tree


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2. Open in full screen with plein ecran

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Video transcript

As a member of, you can create your family tree for free. First, make sure you are logged in to your account on You should see your name at the top of the page. If you experience difficulties to login, refer to the video entitled “Login”. The first time you will get on the My Tree page, you will have to fill in a question form. Enter your gender, and the first and last names of your parents. Let’s read the “Terms and conditions” before you click on the “Let’s go!” button. The system will offer you to add ancestors to your family tree. Here, 92 ancestors have been found without any refined research. It would cost you 1 voucher per ancestor added. But, as you are creating a free family tree, click on the “Do not add any ancestor” button. You are now in your own tree. The subject of the tree is placed in a green rectangle at the left of the screen. If you click on the name of the person, a small window pops up, on which you can enter the date of birth and death of the subject, if you want to. You can also access to the profile of the person, if you wish to get more information. But for the moment, click the “Back to the tree” button. You will notice blue bubbles that appear in the tree. It is a helper, who’s giving you tips to help you develop your tree. Then click on the red rectangle between a couple, for instance Joseph Robitaille and Mathilda Dubuc. A window opens in which you can specify the date and location of the marriage. If you do not know the exact date of wedding, simply enter the year. Click on “Save”. The date now appears in brackets in the red rectangle. To add a union, note that the person you want to modify must be placed at the left of your screen. Then you just have to click on “Add a union” under the person. Enter the spouse’s name and dates of birth and death if desired. Click “Save”. Repeat to add other unions. To add a child, simply click on “Add a Child”. Indicate whether it is a man or a woman, then enter the name, surname and wanted dates. Click on “Save”. Repeat to add more children. To add ancestors, such as parents to Joseph Robitaille, click on the empty blue rectangle to add the father and the empty pink rectangle to add the mother. You can enter in your family tree, free of charge, any information that you have. It is a private tree, so you are the only user.

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