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Unmatched quality of genealogical database

Superior quality genealogical data

Many genealogy sites focus on only on adding more data without regards to their quality. Unfortunately, this makes genealogist work more complex. This is not the case at Your Folks. Our genealogical database is reliable.

Your Folks follows a unique process and strict quality control of its genealogical database.

  • Your Folks uses only the best sources available
  • Your Folks validates and corrects any data mistakes before to add it in a family record
  • Your Folks removes data duplicates

Because of its unique quality control, Your Folks offers you many exclusive services

  • superior quality genealogical data
  • links between all the ancestors and the lineage within a region
  • can automatically find many of your ancestors

Furthermore, you can request the services of our experts trained specifically to help you unlock your tree, if needed, or to provide you images of original records. They have access not only to our database, but many databases, even outside Quebec.

Our experts can even , always with the same quality.

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